Hope everybody is having a great weekend!

I have been so busy this week, I can’t even remember what I did.  Between chores and visitors and unexpected illnesses, I’ve been trying to order some signs for the “No on Measure J” campaign. Whew-ieeee, what a week I’ve had.  I won’t bore you with the details, cause I know you’ve all had a three-ring circus or two run across your living room rug.

I hope to have some signs pretty soon. The folks at the print shop have been really wonderful, I’ve seen their work around town, and I think we will get some very nice signs.

I’m also trying to plan a Taxpayer’s Association meeting, and hoping to get the signs before then. I will keep everybody posted here and at chicotaxpayers@wordpress.com.

Well, this may be the last nice weekend to hang out in the yard and soak up the sun around the old Intex pool, so I’m headed outside. There’s a fundraiser for Butte Humane Society over at One Mile, and while passing by, I saw some tricks I must show Biscuit!  I  hope you are all having a lovely weekend!   Bark Bark!


Our city is OBESE, but all $taff wants to do about it is buy bigger pants

Tonight city council will discuss the implementation of a tax on your telephone. Don’t take it! We can make a difference. 

The meeting starts at 6:30. This item has been place in the “4’s” – the regular agenda – and will be heard after the weed abatement report and right before the request to allow the Nature Center to further slouch on their $800,000 taxpayer financed loan. 

I find that ironic – they want us to pay a tax on our phone so they can be completely asinine with our money. That’s just gin-cheee!

I hope I’m not the only person who is angry about this – please come Downtown tonight and protest these two completely contrary actions on the part of council – again, they are raising a tax on our telephones, and most likely, our computer usage as well, eventually even e-mail, in order to pay off bad debts for people who have made political contributions to their campaigns – Dave Guzzetti and John Merz, to mention a couple. These guys have turned a kids learning facility into a PAC, and here we’re financing it out of our taxes – FORGET IT! 

Just say NO! to bad taxes. That’s tonight, City Council Meeting, Downtown, starts at 6:30 but ought to get interesting around 7:15.

Council to discuss ripping us off on our phones and computers

This next Tuesday, May 1, council will get a report from the city attorney of an ordinance that will allow the city to take a 4.5 percent tax on your phone and messaging devices – on local and interstate calls, text messaging, voice over internet – even PAGING.

The report is available now at this link:


It’s there, just keep digging all the way to the bottom. They aren’t going to make it easy to read these agendas, you know. 

I’ve asked the city clerk for a cut and pastable copy so I can share the pertinent points here. In past, she’s told me, she can’t give it to me in a cut and paste version, because I might edit it when I post it! As if, I can’t edit it when I type it in – what a pile of horseshit! I don’t know why the clerk’s office plays these little games – well, yes I do – $taff doesn’t want us to see this stuff. They don’t want us to know, they’re about to rip us off for about $900,000 a year off our phones and computers.

I’ll work on getting the report here, but in the meantime, it won’t hurt you folks to go to the city website and read the whole thing yourself.

And don’t forget, it’s time to get your Utility Tax rebate. I’m waiting for my April bill from PG&E, and then I’m going in. I only have PG&E to collect, so I’m getting about $50.  That’s a trip to the grocery store, with some Shuberts money to spare.