New opt-out contact for Market Value Place –

Last night the Chico Sustainability Task Force unveiled their 2018 work plan – again I was disappointed but not surprised to see they left off “get rid of Market Value Place”.

Most of you know, because I’m guessing you have come here looking for opt-out information, that MVP is a weekly ad-rag made to look like a newspaper, stuffed with slick ads. It used to be shoved into mailboxes all over town every Wednesday, but I think the publisher – Chico Enterprise Record – found out they were afoul of postal law. 

When I researched the subject of junk mail, I found out mail advertisers are supposed to include their return address or phone number for people to opt out of the mailing. Market Value Place has never done that – instead, they list a number for advertisers to place their ads. When I called that number years ago, I got the Chico Enterprise Record.  The woman who answered hung up on me when I asked for opt-out information, so I started e-mailing Editor David Little. Long story short, Little assigned a staffer to the opt-out position. 

But, he still refuses to put the opt-out information directly on the mailer. Want to know why? Because he promises his advertisers “total market saturation.” That means, they send this pile of tree pulp to everybody who does not subscribe to the paper.  That way, their advertisers are supposed to be reaching everybody in town. What a joke – do these advertisers realize how many of these rags go straight to the trash can without even being unfolded? What would they think if they knew their victims could “OPT OUT”?

So now, they don’t mail it. I have to wonder if that’s because of the law. Now we see them at the end of driveways every Wednesday, wrapped in a plastic bag.  Some of my neighbors never pick them up, they sit and turn to pulp as cars run over them again and again. 

So it does not surprise me how much people hate this rag. A few people have told me it fills their mailbox so that no other mail will fit. One reader reported he went on vacation for a couple of weeks and came home to a mailbox filled with MVP and a notice saying he would have to pick up his other mail at the post office. 

So I try to keep the opt-out information updated, because I get searches for it every week without fail. Still, people land at old posts and get the old information – I just got a note from a nice man yesterday, informing me that Jenny Jurdana is no long the “go to” girl for opt-out – email Clint Royer at   

Be polite, all you have to ask is, “please take me off the list for Market Value Place, I no longer wish to receive it at (your address)”

And thank you for doing that – people have to stand up when something isn’t right. Read this:




New opt-out information for Enterprise Record trash mailer Market Value Place – email Clint Royer at

NEW OPT-OUT INFORMATION – 2/21/18 – email Clint Royer at 

Wednesday my stats show one of the busiest days on this blog. Looking down the lists of searches and hits, I saw 18 specific searches for opt out information – the most common term – “m.v.p. – market value place” –  and 11 different posts were hit,  specifically about the local edition of Market Value Place.

I remarked about this to my husband – there are always searches for this specific information on the stats report, at least 5 or more a week.  But Wedneday was a new high. The next day showed almost at many. 

He said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you… when me and Biscuit went out the other morning, those things were all up and down the street.” 

My neck hairs stood up – “it wasn’t in our driveway was it?” I’ve made it very clear to the staff down at Chico Enterprise Record, who prints and distributes this ready-made trash, that it better not show up in my mail box or driveway again. Now they don’t put it in your mailbox, they have someone drive up your street and huck them on the ground at the end of every driveway. 

My husband said “Nope,” and I know he wasn’t just lying to keep me from getting pissed off – he saw that getting pissed off made a difference, so he’s learned to leave the old dog a little bit more lead.

I think it tickles him to see me on a tear, especially when I’m right.

I’ve  been noticing these searches on the increase for about a week, so I had already contacted ER staffer Jenny Jurdana to ask if the opt-out information was still good, and just to rub a little salt in her ass – I told her my blog had been hit hard with requests for this information lately.

I’m always polite with this gal, despite the fact that lemmings like her make me sick, and she’s always cheerful and professional. Well good for that, there’s a lot of cubicle space in Hell for people who are cheerful and professional about doing bad things.

Hi Juanita, 

We have a new point person for Opt Out requests. Folks can send the request to Clint Royer at

Thanks, Jenny”

So there it is – new opt out information for Market Value Place.

Stay firm people, it really works.

Every day people search for information to opt out of Market Value Place

Opt out of Market Value Place by e-mailing your request to Jenny Jurdana at the Enterprise Record – 

Every now and then I notice a bunch of searches for “opt-out” information for  “Market Value Place”. I get these searches almost daily, but every now and then there’s  a jump in the action.  My husband theorizes this happens whenever a bunch of new addresses are added to the list, or people who have just moved here start getting it.

MVP is a big wad of newsprint ads published by the Chico Enterprise Record, made up to look like a newspaper, and stuffed into your mailbox every Wednesday. They guarantee their advertisers “total market saturation” by sending MVP to every address in town that does not subscribe to the Enterprise Record.  That way, their advertisers get, well, just about everybody in town.

People have complained to me that this wad of crap takes up their whole mailbox, at the expense of their real mail. They hate it for the same reasons I do – for one thing, there’s never any businesses in there I would use. For another, it’s a disgusting waste of dead trees. And, here’s the thing –  it’s illegal to send this stuff out without including any address or contact information for opting off the mailing list.  

I say they get “just about everybody in town” – they don’t get me anymore, that’s for sure. Years back I decided I’d had enough junk mail. First, I just looked for a “postage paid” return envelope, and if there was one, I’d tear any forms in half, scrawl “don’t send me this stuff anymore”,  stuff it into the postage paid envelope and return it. That worked for a while, but then they stopped including postage paid envelopes, and referred the recipient to a website or phone number. 

There were a few of these ad-rags circulating at that time – some of them just over-sized envelopes stuffed with “coupons”. They never had a return address, but some had a phone number to call if you wanted to advertise with them. I called a couple of these people – the first guy, located in Chico,  apologized and took me off his list! Just like that! But the next guy, from Paradise, called me nasty names and hung up. So,  I started calling the businesses in his little rag – that got me a letter from a Sacramento lawyer!  I called the lawyer and told them to stuff it in their mailbox – I wasn’t doing anything illegal and they knew it. They were just trying to squeeze me. Every business I contacted apologized and thanked me for telling them how I felt about their advertising. I was nice – I told them junk ads were impressing me the wrong way, and they appreciated my “candor.” They were obviously calling this guy, and he got really pissed and tried to threaten me off. I never heard from his Sacramento suits again. 

It wasn’t just me – people loved that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer decommissioned his mailbox so the post office couldn’t stuff junk in it. I’ve been contacted by really angry people, people who were frustrated enough to do stupid stuff. It was turning into a movement, and it finally came to a head. When I finally got the Chico postmaster into the conversation, he told me there was a law that said they had to include “opt out” information, and if they didn’t, I should turn it over to him. And whattya know, I started finding the “opt out” info on junk I received, and I started sending letters to various junk mailers, and slowly but surely, I got my mailbox back.

But MVP kept on coming. No opt out info, there wasn’t even any obvious publishing information. One day I noticed an ad for the Enterprise Record, and I put two and two together. I called the circulation department one morning, and the woman on the phone admitted they printed the thing. I told her I wanted off the list – she laughed out loud and hung up on me. When I called back she hung up again.

I finally decided to go to ER editor David Little about it at some point, but he was not cooperative. I started asking the city of Chico Sustainability Task Force, led then by council woman Ann Schwab, then mayor, but they were also uncooperative. One member, BT Chapman, now on the Airport Commission, warned the group they didn’t want to offend the newspaper! 

So, I started telling people to e-mail ER editor David Little, mayor Ann Schwab, and others. Little finally got my name taken off the mailing list and gave me Jurdana’s e-mail address to hand around – but he wouldn’t publish the information in the MVP.

Folks, that’s the law. 

David Little breaks the law every Wednesday. He shows the rest of us how much respect he has for the common citizen and their puny little rules. 

About a year ago I got a testy e-mail from Little, asking me to stop telling people to e-mail him. He claimed he didn’t have anything to do with the MVP, why were people picking on him. He is an idiot. I told him, I’ve put Jurdana’s e-mail in my newer blogs.  People are reading old blogs, there’s nothing I can do about that, I’m not taking down my old blogs. I used to have a blog with his newspaper, but I used the ‘F’ word and he took my blog away. Well, I can do what I want on my word press blog Dave, and you can stuff it in your mailbox!


Want to opt-out of MVP? Leave David Little alone, just contact Jenny Jurdana, she’ll take care of it


How soon we forget, and I got the evidence right here on the blog. Many of you, seriously, according to the searches I get, MANY of you remember my battle to get that pile of dead tree pulp, Market Value Place, out of my mailbox, and eventually, yours too. That battle started before I had a computer – I found a phone number, for buying ads in it,  on the damned thing, and I called it. I got the circulation department at the Enterprise Record. I told the woman who answered the phone, “Hi, I want to get my name off the mailing list for Market Value Place…” Before I could finish my sentence she had laughed and hung up. 

I called right back, and she hung up on me again. This time I was pretty sure she did it on purpose, so I called back again. No answer. That was my first experience trying to get this pile of (delete!) out of my mail. 

I gave up at that point, I didn’t know where to turn. So, I just let it go, along with my internal organs, which take a beating when you try to ignore something that irritates the shit out of you.

Years later, I took it up with the Sustainability Task Force. I thought it would be a shoo-in – God was I shocked when Ann Schwab treated the issue like a bag of turds.  I had actually fantasized us working like BFF’s on this issue.  Chicks in Charge!  But she just looked at me like, “what do you want from me, sincerity or something?

STF member BT Chapman said, “we don’t want to risk offending the Enterprise Record.” Schwab also asked City Attorney Lori Bark-bark-barker if it was true that they legally needed to include the info on the mailer – Barker said NO! Actually, she said, she just couldn’t find it.  Over $190,000/year salary alone, and Barker couldn’t find it?  I was floored, but I don’t know why – hadn’t I already figured out that Schwab’s STF was nothing but a sham? 

But I kept after them, and I started bitching at editor David Little. Little ignored me, which is weird, cause we’d have  conversations about my letters, and this issue wouldn’t come up. He’s a stubborn mule, and I’m not saying that’s altogether bad, unless you disagree with him on something. 

See, I’ll say this for Dave Little – I know his balls are in a noose. His newspaper promises “total market saturation” – meaning, everybody in town. They already have a list of subscribers to show their advertisers, but that’s not enough. They need to promise, they’ll send MVP to everybody who doesn’t subscribe to the paper. That really stinks, I know most of you agree, but Dave Little is not really in charge, he answers to some other guy, so I realize, this puts him in a spot.  A spot I’d never find myself in, but nonetheless, a spot. 

I finally got through to the STF, and Chapman, fearful of offending the ER? agreed to contact them.  He came back with an address for a staffer – Jenny Jurdana, at – and promises that Someday! the information would be printed in the MVP itself, as per the law. The law Barker couldn’t find. 

These people just don’t care. They go home and dump their junk mail in the garbage can. Ann Schwab says she lines her garbage pail with it, so she won’t have to use plastic garbage bags! Well, I got news for her – that shit just goes completely airborne, a regular trash bomb, when the truck dumps that can. Thanks Ann!

I still get searches for that info almost every day. It’s been my hottest topic – EVER. I try to update that info regularly, but people still make it back in there to the old blogs, where I had said, “contact David Little”. Apparently, they’ve been doing just that. Today I got a note from David Little, and he was a little irked that I’d tell people that – he says he’s gotten a few, really pissed off people. I had to laugh – he’d forgotten what I went through trying to get that info? He’d forgotten that the info is supposed to be posted on the MVP? 

I had to tell him – is he unaware how people HATE junk mail? I told him, it’s on par with telemarketers – haven’t you ever seen Jerry Seinfeld retire a telemarketer? Junk mail is also invasive, and for people who give a flying fuck at  the moon – it’s bad for the environment, coming and going. I’d be willing to bet, our great, great, great grandchildren will curse us for the way we cut down trees to load them into landfills, most of it going straight from the mailbox to the garbage bin. 

But the STF is so worried about plastic bags, they continue to pay Lori Bark-bark-barker to write an ordinance to ban shopping bags, but only at some stores, etc, etc. They could have banned this pulp mailer, but they wouldn’t even talk about that, they’re so worried about upsetting the more important apple carts in town, they don’t give a shit about those of us who pay the freight. 

So, here’s the deal – I told David Little, he should put that info on the MVP, so people wouldn’t have to search for it – problem solved! But, I’ll also tell you here – please contact Jenny Jordana, at She will get you off that list, I’ve heard very good reviews of Jenny. I also just contacted her recently to make sure the address was still correct, and she got right back to me, all cheerful and stuff. PLEASE LEAVE DAVID LITTLE ALONE!

Try the honey route, save the vinegar for when they don’t cooperate, that’s what I always say.

Still looking to opt-out of Market Value Place? e-mail Clint Royer –


As always, I get a lot of searches for how to opt-out of  “Market Value Place.” That’s the advertising circular the Enterprise Record sends out by way of the post office every Wednesday, unwanted, to all of you who don’t subscribe to their daily. They can buy a list of every resident’s address from the county recorder, or from various list services, eliminate their subscribers, and send MVP to everyone else. This is how the Enterprise Record guarantees their advertisers “total market saturation” – they mail MVP to every resident who does not subscribe to the paper, voila! That’s French for, “it’s like shooting fish in a barrel!

 I no longer receive it. The postmaster says, junk mail advertisers are supposed to include “opt out” information – simply, an address or free telephone number that you can call to tell them to take you off the mailing list. The MVP did not include this information.  I called the ER circulation department, and when I stated my request, the woman who answered laughed and hung up on me. Sick of walking this pile of dead tree pulp from my mailbox to my recycling bin, I continued to rattle chains, from then-Mayor Ann Schwab, to ER Editor David Little.  Schwab’s Sustainability Task Force was in the process of shoving a plastic bag ban up our asses, but unsympathetic to my requests to get this pile of virgin wood pulp out of our mailboxes. When I kept nagging at them, STF member BT Chapman finally  used his clout as a member of a city commission and got Jenny Jurdana’s e-mail. Linda Herman, the city staffer who used to administer to the Sustainability Task Force, agreed to put a link on the city website. 

I e-mailed Jenny Jurdana yesterday to see if the address is still good – she got right back to me, cheerful and helpful. Be nice to Jenny, she’s a Goddess-send.

It was a real thrill to get rid of that crap, hope you will too. If you need something to wrap wet garbage or line a bird cage, there’s always the News and Review. 

How to opt-out of Market Value Place

Well, I’ve been getting searches for the opt-out information on that Market Value Place mess  – not knocking the door down, you know, but a steady tap-tap. So here’s that e-mail address –

The ER also promised members of the Chico Sustainability Ass Force they’d include that information in the pages of MVP – “somewhere.” 

Judging from the steady patter at my door, I’m guessing, it’s also invisible, or maybe written in some kind of captcha code. 

I’d love it if somebody would let me know how it’s going on their request. 

Weekly nagathon regarding MVP

I got a new comment on an old post – another person who had been looking to get Market Value Place out of their mail box. He found an old blog in which I recommended contacting Enterprise Record Editor David Little and Fred Crosthwaite, so he did that.  He says:

I just emailed him (David Little) as well. I came home today from vacation only to find my mailbox crammed completely full with two of these monstrosities. This has to stop. This needs to become an online website that people can simply print the coupons they want. Thank you for your dedication and work on the matter. I pray these stop.

Shane Kaylor

Ah, “monstrosities”, eh?  I’m not the only one who thinks these stupid MVP things are obnoxious. And Mr. Kaylor is ready to bring God in on this – all I did was contact the mayor! I tried to tell her,  these things really make people mad, but she doesn’t take me seriously. Let’s see how she handles God – I have the feeling she is not responding to His e-mails, either.  

Ann is of absolutely no assistance in this matter anyway.  Since I posted that earlier blog,  I have received new contact info from BT Chapman of the Sustainability Task Force. He said we should contact an Enterprise Record staffer named Jenny Jurdana, at   Chapman also said the ER promised to include the opt-out contact info in their insert.  Yes, BT, and your word is your bond, yadda yadda. 

The last word I received from the STF is that they will not be pursuing this matter any further. City attorney Lori Barker (salary $194,000+, benefits $81,000+), STF Staffer Linda Herman (salary $84,000+, benefits $39,000+), and Mayor Ann Schwab (city of Chico salary $9,000+, benefits $21,000+) have “researched the matter” – unfortunately, their research did not include contacting the Chico postmaster. I’m assuming, they GOOGLED IT for less than five minutes apiece and then abandoned it in favor of their plastic bag ban, which is way more popular with the lemmings these days. 

So, it is up to me, I guess, to keep posting the opt out contact info regularly. Or at least, every time somebody wanders their way to this blog to ask about it. And, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with contacting David Little, at, keep him up to date on this issue. He is a newsman, after all. 

And, I will also ask, could you folks who contact the ER also contact Linda Herman and Ann Schwab, at and Ask Linda to forward your e-mail to the entire Sustainability Task Force, please.