New opt-out contact for Market Value Place –

Last night the Chico Sustainability Task Force unveiled their 2018 work plan – again I was disappointed but not surprised to see they left off “get rid of Market Value Place”.

Most of you know, because I’m guessing you have come here looking for opt-out information, that MVP is a weekly ad-rag made to look like a newspaper, stuffed with slick ads. It used to be shoved into mailboxes all over town every Wednesday, but I think the publisher – Chico Enterprise Record – found out they were afoul of postal law. 

When I researched the subject of junk mail, I found out mail advertisers are supposed to include their return address or phone number for people to opt out of the mailing. Market Value Place has never done that – instead, they list a number for advertisers to place their ads. When I called that number years ago, I got the Chico Enterprise Record.  The woman who answered hung up on me when I asked for opt-out information, so I started e-mailing Editor David Little. Long story short, Little assigned a staffer to the opt-out position. 

But, he still refuses to put the opt-out information directly on the mailer. Want to know why? Because he promises his advertisers “total market saturation.” That means, they send this pile of tree pulp to everybody who does not subscribe to the paper.  That way, their advertisers are supposed to be reaching everybody in town. What a joke – do these advertisers realize how many of these rags go straight to the trash can without even being unfolded? What would they think if they knew their victims could “OPT OUT”?

So now, they don’t mail it. I have to wonder if that’s because of the law. Now we see them at the end of driveways every Wednesday, wrapped in a plastic bag.  Some of my neighbors never pick them up, they sit and turn to pulp as cars run over them again and again. 

So it does not surprise me how much people hate this rag. A few people have told me it fills their mailbox so that no other mail will fit. One reader reported he went on vacation for a couple of weeks and came home to a mailbox filled with MVP and a notice saying he would have to pick up his other mail at the post office. 

So I try to keep the opt-out information updated, because I get searches for it every week without fail. Still, people land at old posts and get the old information – I just got a note from a nice man yesterday, informing me that Jenny Jurdana is no long the “go to” girl for opt-out – email Clint Royer at   

Be polite, all you have to ask is, “please take me off the list for Market Value Place, I no longer wish to receive it at (your address)”

And thank you for doing that – people have to stand up when something isn’t right. Read this:




More OPT-OUT – the saga continues to continue

Again, I am getting a lot of hits from people looking for opt-out information, some of them specifically naming Chase Bank.

Those Chase Bank things are annoying, we have been getting two or more a week. I don’t feel secure throwing them in the trash – watch the post office annex, I have actually caught strange characters going through the trash bin. When I asked one guy if he lost something he just turned and walked out the door. So, I bring mine home, and, along with the junk I get in my home mailbox, I shred them and put them in my vermiposter – let’s see that guy get past the worms! 

This gets old though, I’m sick of it.  I finally got around to sending simple letters requesting OPT-OUT to each of the credit reporting agencies, as I was instructed in my Chase Bank letters. Within a couple of weeks I had responses from Experian, for each name and address request I’d made (separate for Post Office box, and one for each of us adults).  They congratulated me and told me I would not be receiving any  offers of credit for the next five years. And here’s a bonus – they sent me a form that will take me off the list forever!

Unfortunately, Equifax was not as forthcoming. I got a letter from them the other day saying I’d have to call to get myself off their list. I hate phone calls, I’ll tell you why – there is no record of the call, no recording, it’s your word against whoever’s. But, I had already put time and a postage stamp into this venture, I decided to call – 1-888-5-OPTOUT.

At least it was a robot. There was a time I’d rather deal with a human – a human that speaks competent English, doesn’t try to sell me something I don’t want, and doesn’t engage me in needless chit-chat while stalling me around. Those days are over, I’ll take the robot. This cheerful robot asked me for my SSN. That threw me a little, but I realized, this is Equifax, they have everything on me, they can already fraud the shit out of me, and yes, Equifax employees have been nailed for frauding unsuspecting clients. So, I went along with this online Flo, telling her everything she asked. I was amazed when she repeated it all back to me, perfect, in that weirdly human but not alive voice of hers. She got my name and address, telling me I’d receive a form in a few days, that would OPT me OUT forever! But, as it stands, I’m OPTed OUT for five years.  Finally, with a congratulatory whirl, she told me I was all done, and unless I wanted to OPT-OUT a family member, I could hang up. I not only wanted to OPT-OUT my husband, but we both have two addresses to OPT-OUT – but, I was sitting over a hot bowl of homemade mac and cheese, so I decided to get back to it later. j

I’m assuming I will hear from the third credit report company, TransUnion, any day now, as I mailed my inquiries to all three at the same time. The letter I got from Chase Bank didn’t mention it, but I just had the feeling I’d better contact all three agencies.  Get aload of this notice in the Equifax letter:  Q:  Why doesn’t my credit information from Equifax match that of Experian and TransUnion?  A:  Credit information providers do not share your credit data with each other…” Including updates, like say, you paid off that car, removed that lien, etc. So, “You will need to contact the other credit companies…” Yourself, got that? Nobody is looking out for you, Bruddah. 

Hey, I have not heard a word out of Geico since I opted out at their website – – and we were getting three or four of those A WEEK! Go-go-GEICO!  They’re off my shit-list, I may buy their insurance some day. 

The anvil will outlast the hammer.

Get rid of those “prescreened credit offers” – here’s the “opt-out” info

Again, people have been searching for the “opt-out” information for Market Value Place – that’s – be nice, and she’ll take you off their mailing list. I have never seen that rag again, since I asked them to take me off,  Glory Hallelujah.

But, I’ll tell you what pisses me off – if they included the “opt-out” info in the rag, people wouldn’t be coming around here to find it. I hate liars, and cheats. There’s a special place in Hell, and I’ll be there waiting, cause they send nags in there too, you know, poetic justice. 

I do get other  junk mail. Lately, Chase Bank has been hitting my mailbox weekly with credit card applications for both me and my husband. Yes, you can be frauded with this crap, don’t be dumb, get rid of it. I usually stand right in the post office sorting through it – I pull out anything with our name/address on it, toss the rest in the recycling bin, and take the sensitive stuff home to be shredded into my composter. 

Right there they’ve stolen time from my life, and who knows what this crap is doing to my grubs. 

But here’s something you can say for Chase Bank – they include the “opt-out” information!  At the bottom of my “prescreened offer of credit,” in bold face!

You can choose to stop receiving “prescreened” offers of credit from this and other companies…” and they give you a phone number, and refer you to more information on the back. Turning the notice over, I find the snail mail addresses of the three companies that sell my personal information to advertisers. I hate phone calls, so, I’m sending a letter – I just took the words right out of the notice:

Experian, Inc.

701 Experian Parkway

Allen, TX

PO Box 2002, 75013-0036

 TransUnion Opt-Out Request

PO Box 505

Woodlyn, PA  19094-0505


PO Box 740123

Atlanta, GA  30374-0241


To Whom It May Concern:

I do not wish to receive prescreened offers of credit or credit card applications/offers from Chase Bank or any other company.


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation

In past I’ve written directly to Chase, and that was good for at least five years. We’ll see how this comes out. 

People still interested in ‘opting out’ of Market Value Place

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had three comments and daily searches for the ‘opt out’ info on the junk ad mailer “Market Value Place.”  I even had one woman who complained she’d called the same number BT Chapman gave us and got no satisfaction. I directed her to Jenny Jurdana, at    Hopefully that will take care of the problem.

Please be polite, this isn’t about harassing people.  This is a practical solution to a real problem, we have to keep a steady pressure here. 

I used to think I was the only person who cared about this, but whaddya know, I’m not that weird!  I’ve been contacted by some people who are really pissed off, frustrated, and disgusted with “total market coverage” – the practice of not only hitting your subscribers, but stuffing the mailboxes of all your non-subscribers as well.  This is legalized trash dumping. The law provides for the customer to be able to opt out, but it’s the customer who must play Matt Dillon here and make sure the laws are upheld. 

David Little honestly thinks he’s better than other people, he’s a real piece of work. Did you read his last pot editorial, where he used the term, “phony maladies”?  That really offended me – I know a lot of people whose pain threatens to make them dysfunctional, and doctors won’t do anything for them because they are “under-insured”.  I know others who are so drugged out on doctor’s prescriptions they can’t even take care of themselves. I know Mayor Mary Goloff was under the influence of a doctor’s prescription when she drove her car into the front of a Harvest Bread store, and that she just finished a couple of weeks in rehab, at our expense, for the same problem. 

David Little is a newspaper editor, but he seems to think he’s a doctor.  I’d like to talk to him about his “phony religion”, but that’s off the table. Even after that sect in Texas, with the weird hair! 

But then, when Larry Wahl points out some very obvious hypocrisy on Mo Kirk’s part – Mo wants to declare 2013 the “Year of the Child,” Larry points out that she’s voted to put marijuana gardens next door to children’s houses – Dave Little, who railed for a stronger anti-pot law for the better part of a year, says Larry is being “a sore loser.” 

I think Dave Little needs to clean his own house. I wonder why this man is so outraged about pot growers who follow the law, but it’s okay for him to break the law stuffing this shit-wad in your mail box every Wednesday without providing the ‘opt-out’ information.  I think Dave Little does what suits Dave Little. 

So, if you are receiving illegal mailers from Dave Little, get a hold of Jenny Jurdana, again, that’s – and ‘cc’   I’d recommend being polite, because when Little gets his nose out, he seems to lose his perspective. 





I think David Little finally got that pile of dead trees out of my mailbox.

Many thanks to Sarah, I hope she’s still checking in – I think I finally got Market Value Place out of my mailbox!  I followed your advice – e-mailed Enterprise Record Editor David Little at and Fred Crosthwaite at,  almost two weeks ago. I never received the cheerful reply you got, so I was worried, but this week, as of Friday, I have NOT received Market Value Place.  

Dare I say, Mission Accomplished? 

I’ve had a couple of friends ask me why I don’t just put it in the trash and forget it. Well, see, I been around this area a while – I remember when Neal Road Land Fill was a canyon. Now it’s a MOUNTAIN. The biggest “natural” formation around here, in fact. And it’s made out of things like tooth floss dispensers and  poopy baby diapers and feminine sanitary napkins and TONS of newsprint. All waiting for archaeologists to dig in there 1000 years from now and declare us “dead from the neck up.” Just because I don’t agree with  Marie AnnSchwabnette in regards to what we should do about it doesn’t mean I don’t care. I go to a lot of trouble in my personal life to shave down the ridiculous waste, and it’s insulting to have this jackamoe dump his wad in my mailbox. 

So, in my tiny way, I try to DO SOMETHING. The Enterprise Record is breaking the law by not including “opt out” information in their weekly Market Value Place mass mailing. It should be “mass murder,” considering the number of trees they waste every year for stuff like this.  MVP is the only mailer I’ve received that doesn’t have the opt out info.   When I got a mailer from Merchant Mailer,  I found not only a physical address but a website.  I got online right away and asked to opt out – they e-mailed me the following Monday morning, and I haven’t had another one of those since. Yesterday I got a little mailer from Trader Joe’s – same thing. Today I will contact them. I think I opted out of their mailer about three years ago, and it’s finally coming around again. I don’t mind, but since I don’t shop there, I don’t see any reason in taking the darned thing.

My family has actually signed up for mailers – at Harbor Freight Tools on East Ave, they ask if they can send you a mailer. You can get it by snail mail, but if you don’t spend money there on a fairly regular basis, they drop you, and you have to ask again. Or, you can sign up for their e-mail updates, for information about sales, etc, with printable coupons.  This weekend they are having a PARKING LOT SALE!  better get over there!  I probably will, never too early to get some stocking stuffers.  

I’m hoping this is the last I see of MVP – well, I realize, it will turn up again, and I will have to opt out again. Hopefully, David Little will get a snootfull of being bothered in his private e-mail, and they’ll get the opt out information printed on the mailer. Until then, you will have to contact to get Market Value Place out of your mailbox. Let me know how it goes. 






Sustainability Czar Ann Schwab agrees to agendize a discussion of the Enterprise Record’s junk mailer, “Market Value Place”

Well, Good News! Ann Schwab has agreed to agendize a discussion of the Wednesday insert mailer, Market Value Place. 

Market Value Place is that pile of catbox liner you will get today from the Chico Enterprise Record, and every Wednesday, in your mail box. I say “you” – I mean, people who don’t subscribe to the paper. See, that’s the evil genius behind a “TMC,” or “Total Market Coverage” junk mailer. That way, the publisher can guarantee 100 percent coverage – either you are a subscriber, or you aren’t, eh? He can guarantee to his advertisers that he will almost literally get every adult in town.  That’s what I told you – evil genius.  Read more about it here:

I’m not against advertising. I know, it’s ugly sometimes, but it’s information. Sometimes I need advertising, when I’m looking for a service. But, there’s appropriate places for advertising, and I don’t consider my mailbox to be the appropriate place. I also don’t consider it very “sustainable,” and I mean that in the purest definition of the word, to cut down and pulp trees to print crap on them and send them out in a wad to people who don’t ask for them. That’s the Market Value Place.

Some people actually use these ads for their intended purpose – some of the ads contain discount information or coupons. That’s great for them, they should be able to sign up to get such a mailer delivered to them. Or, I don’t mind, I’d be glad to make a contact and “opt out.” That’s actually the law – junk mailers are supposed to contain contact information, either a phone number or address at which you can ask to get OFF their mailing list. 

Market Value Place does not contain any such information, and that’s my beef. So, I’ve gone to the Sustainability Task Force to see if Schwab can work for somebody outside her peanut gallery for a change. If she thinks she needs to ban plastic bags, it would be a sheer case of hypocrisy to overlook junk mailers, especially since they are already covered by law. 

Linda Herman informs me this will be discussed at the August 6 Sustainability Task Force meeting, can’t remember the time, I’ll keep you posted. 


David Little – will you please get this pile of dead trees out of my mail box!?!

While Ann Schwab fights the battle heroic over plastic bags, I’m having a regular problem with somebody dumping garbage in my mailbox.

You know what I’m talking about – yeah – that pile of  insert crap from the Enterprise Record – “Market Value Place.”

Years ago I went on a one-woman campaign to stop the post office from putting junk mail in my box. Then postmaster Greg Smith told me I had to contact the sender – he showed me that by law, they are supposed to include contact information. Some even had 1-800 phone numbers. So I began my odyssey. I called as far back as Connecticut, asking for my name to be removed from mailing lists. I was sent form letters to fill out and sign, send back, and WOW! The junk stopped!

Except for the local crap. When I kept getting this mailer from Paradise, I started calling the businesses that advertised with it. Boy, did I have a nice conversation with the folks over at the Italian Cottage! And that was the last time I got THAT mailer.

I tried to get rid of Market Value Place. They break the law – no contact information. But, any idiot can figure out, it’s from the Enterprise Record. So I called the circulation department down at the ER and explained the sitch. The gal put me on hold and never came back. I called back, got the same gal, but she pretended the first call never happened. I played along, explained my sitch again – to which she responded, loudly, “get a life!” and slammed down the receiver.

I’ve written to David Little about it, he’s ignored me.

So, my husband started getting the mail, and stuffing the MVP in the garbage can – he knows newspaper doesn’t have a rat’s ass of a chance of being recycled from your recycling can – and for a while we pretended it wasn’t happening.

So this past Wednesday my husband and I were on our way out and I checked the mail box. There it was – it takes up the whole box, this big wad of DEAD TREES. I decided to bitch to you people about it, and send Mr. “My Shit Doesn’t Stink, I’m the EDITOR!” a link.

Hey, Mr. Editor, get  this wad of dead trees out of my mailbox, PLEASE!  Or should I  take it to Mayor “I Ban Stuff!” at the next Sustainability Task Farts meeting? In fact, I could ask that it be formally agendized.

Well heck, I guess I’ll just do that!

UPDATE:  I got a note back from Linda Herman on Monday, saying she’d check with Ann Schwab about agendizing my request. But as of today, Saturday the 21, I haven’t heard back.