Wishing all of you a miracle

I woke up this morning feeling a crown of icy air on my head. I pulled the covers over my ears and tried to go back to sleep – what’s the use of  getting up when it’s so cold and dark?

And then I remembered what day it is!

I’ve got most of my chores done, dinner is in bags of brine in the fridge. We made one last sweep of the grocery store to stock up on greens, and the relatives have supplied the lebkuchen, baklava and candied nuts. 

Yesterday while my husband and sons were busy in Santa’s work shop, I gave the whole apartment the old One-Two – vacuumed up as high as I could reach and then brought in the Swiffer. First I did the apartment stairs, because it’s too easy to talk myself out of that after I’ve done all the rest. Once up the stairs, I swept and mopped the fake plastic/wood floor in the living room, cleaned the baseboards – sheesh, I hate dirty baseboards.  Then I got up on my step stool and cleaned all the ceiling lights and fans. I wiped down the windows around the dining table and cleaned the blinds.

And then I went after the knick knacks. OMG I got knick knacks. Nothing worse than dusty knick knacks.

A 3:30 I put away my cleaning stuff and I got myself a cup of coffee. I sat at my glistening dining table and stared out my clean windows. I realized I had no plans for last night’s dinner – all that food in the house, and no immediate plans for dinner, isn’t that just the way it goes? Luckily I just made a fresh loaf of bread, and there was a pack of bacon in the fridge. There’s almost always a giant bag of lettuce from Cash and Carry in our fridge. 

No tomato! Damn the torpedos, we went full steam ahead on BL’s without the T’s. I ate mine so fast I decided to lie to myself and say there was a tomato on it. Oh it was so good. Dinner tastes better when you are so tired you can hardly chew it.

Today we cook and continue to make Christmas gifts and wait for the miracle.


The Greatest Story Ever Told

Stories are nice, whether they are “true” or not, they can make people feel good and do nice things.

That’s the miracle.