Work is okay when it pays off!


Surprise flowers are probably the best kind.


Again this year the timing and amount of rain filled our yard with flowers of all kinds. The irises just keep on blooming.

When my husband went out to mow the knee high weeds in our back acre he was surprised to find these lovely, fragile and fragrant purple and gold irises growing under the neighbor’s fence, drowning in sticker grass. So he cut them and brought them in the house. Overnight more flowers opened, and the light fragrance greeted me this morning. 

I’ve continued with my xeroscaping projects, laying either black sheet plastic or flattened cardboard boxes around trees and fence lines, and covering them with wood chips.


Pretty soon I hope to eliminate all but a tiny lawn, protected by the shade of the old crepe myrtle tree there. After I finish the edges of the yard I’ll try to put mulch around the old tree too. 


Now that Summer is bearing down on us (Spring Who?), it’s going to be important to do whatever we can to save water, and I notice water goes a lot farther with mulch like chips. 

And it really does kill down the weeds, reduces the need for mowing and herbicides too. 

I got a good idea from Town and Country Gardening:

I wish I had pictures, you’ll have to try it for yourself – when I sprayed some tiny sticker seedlings with straight vinegar, they turned yellow within a day, and now they’re gone. Give it a whack –  you’ll have best results on new seedlings as they come out of the ground. Use it bright and early in the morning when you expect hot bright sun. 

I’ve been working a lot, I’m stiff all over, but it’s paid off. 


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