Smack Down! over, Spring wins on TKO

I think the Smack Down! may be over now – everything is heavy with pollen, the skeeters are hanging around the door, and the hyacinth is blooming.


Here’s what they looked like in January.   I’ve been waiting and waiting for flowers.




Purple asparagus.


Don’t go out there without a mask – Home Depot has a big box of 30 for about $21, and if you take care of them, you can use them a few times before they get tossed. Very much worth it. One morning I noticed my nose was actually swollen, and I haven’t gone out without a mask since. 

Life is whacko around here lately, as we try to move most of our lifestyle to a shack in the woods, and sublet our apartment in town. 

We aren’t really leaving Chico, we’re just going to be spending less time here. We will still have a little room with a half bath, where I can keep my desk and business records, with a toilet to use when we come to mow lawns and scrape paint and whatever. 

We’ll be living in a much smaller space, so we pick and choose what we take, what stays here in storage, and what goes to the thrift store. I was able to get rid of a few things on craigslist, but if I can’t get at least $50 it’s not worth the hassle.

We get Sacramento TV at the shack, with our little coat hanger antenna, and I been watching this show I’ve never seen before – Auction Kings! I found out, another word for “hoarder” is “picker”.  A “picker” is a “hoarder” who sells the stuff.  

I’ve learned my lesson – just get rid of it. 

Well, the sun is lighting the redwood trees along my neighbors’ fence, time to get cracking. 




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