Good weather for cookies

My son’s visiting so I made him a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough to take home. 

The best chocolate chip cookie recipe I have is from the back of a box of Arm and Hammer baking soda.


In the neverending battle against hoarding, I’ve been organizing all my recipes on 4 x 6 cards so I can fit them in a little file box, getting rid of a pile of scraps and old cookbooks with only one good recipe.

It makes a big batch.


One of these square containers holds at least two dozen cookies – maybe a dozen and a half if you like them big. 

I like the square containers because they freeze well, stacked up in the corner or even the door rack of the freezer.


Very ergonomic.

The frozen dough pops out and can be cut with a knife, into whatever size cookies you like. 

I also like these little containers because they come free with take out food from Bacio’s over on Park Avenue. Bacio’s has a neat little deli-style counter – entrees and sides and desserts! All there in the case for your mouthwatering inspection, choose whatever portion, eat it there, or have it packed into whatever size container. They have meat and meat-less entrees and sides, changing the selection pretty daily. But you can usually get some meatloaf if you get your hiney in there early. 

But back to the cookies.


You can’t turn your back on a plate of cookies around here.

They are very light and fluffy, I’ll have to admit, it’s impossible to resist. 







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