Smack Down! continues, takes a cold turn!

I had two sisters, and sometimes we got along like three angels, and then there was the rest of the time.  We had many days that looked like this.

Here’s the sky over my yard at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon – roughly the time my sisters and I would get out of school and fight over stuff like what tv show to watch, or who ate all the Captain Crunch.

Get aload of the red spot in that cloud. We watched this storm move south from Tehama County, saw big lightening bolts drilling into the  ground all along Hwy 99. At one point, as the sky darkened over Chico, a long horizontal bolt with three or four vertical bolts lit up the sky over Oroville and Paradise. 

A mean, pissed off sky.

And then it started hailing. My husband and I are usually on our patio at that time, calling it a day, having a cup of coffee and planning dinner. We watched the rain turn to hail, and then the hail started getting bigger and bigger. I’ve never personally seen hail that big – I picked up several balls,  at least half an inch in diameter. 

My sister lived in Kansas for a few years, she told me she lost two windshields to hail storms. We’ve had hail here that ruined roof shingles, and our little plastic green house has holes in its roof from a particularly ferocious hail storm a couple years back. And now this – our peach trees were just covered with lovely pink blossoms.  But luckily, as big as this hail was, it didn’t throw down as hard, it was more like a sprinkling – like somebody tossing out Mardi Gras beads from a fire truck. Before long there came a soft rain, and before we knew it, the hail was gone. 

But last night, in the wee hours, I woke up to another assault on the roof. I laid there waiting for it to end – I will have to go out and check the peach trees when the sun gets up, lazy girl. 

Today we drive to Nevada to escort our son home for Spring Break – his truck is acting up, and this is no kind of weather to set out on a road like that in a truck that’s acting up. Every time we make that trip I am reminded of the Donner Party – you know, they got lost just outside of Truckee, a short hike from a hotel we once stayed at, how ironic.

We’ll see what Mother Nature has in store for us. I’ll be sure to take a pack of donuts. 



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