Winter/Spring bout scheduled for this week, no holds barr’d – I’m putting my money on Spring!

Signs of Spring are everywhere – the trees are busting with pollen, intermittent showers come out of nowhere, and Saturday night Andy Forsberg swept opening weekend out at the Silver Dollar.

Read all about that and watch some bitchin’ videos (under “Media”) here:

It has been almost 70 degrees these past afternoons, with water still standing from the last storm – I predict the mosquitoes will be as big as cats this year.  Something my husband and I have actually found very effective in keeping the bugs off is lemon eucalyptus essential oil, which I get for about $6 per 1 oz bottle from Lucky Vitamin.   We mix about 20 drops with water in a standard size spray bottle – the kind you can pick up in the cleaning aisle at Walmart or Home Depot. It smells like lemon candy, doesn’t sting our skin, and actually works. I’ve heard the lemony smell confuses the little suckers, who use our natural body odor to home in on us.

My grass is coming in really well, I wish I had planted more.


You can still see big patches of sticker weeds, but this section of grass is a victory.

I’ve been covering the really hot spots with plastic and chips and rocks – as you can see along that back fence, I started so long ago the chips are different colors. It’s slow going, takes a lot of either to cover the spaces we have, but it’s finally coming together pretty well.

My husband built this retaining wall rather than level the yard, and now I’m trying to cover the hot strip of ground next to it.


I’m afraid this is going to take forever, but every time I get a few more rocks it keeps me motivated.

Today I picked up three more big rocks at our friends’ house – probably less than four square feet of coverage, but every row of rocks looks better.

With the warmer temperatures I notice flowers are spreading around the yard, I found more echinacea coming up.


I have noticed echinacea spread well by seed if you keep the ground clean around them.

I try to help the flowers by cleaning out weeds, which don’t need as much water to take over huge spaces and crowd everything else out. I try to spend a few minutes in my little flower beds every day, cleaning around flower shoots.

I hope Spring Ahead! is working okay for you, it takes me a couple of days to settle in. Contrary to the name, it actually seems to bring Winter back.  Just as it was getting lighter in the morning, it’s dark again. Weatherman says there’s another cold front moving in later this week, with lower snow levels. Winter is hanging on by her teeth, as Spring tries to get her Size 11 in the door. 

Like I always say, two sisters fighting over the bathroom. We’ll see what happens over the next week. 






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