Cars are the dominant life form on our planet

My kid got hit by a goddam car on his bike yesterday. He  was on campus, riding to class, and had a mild difference of opinion over right-of-way.

I had to tell the boy – bikes don’t have “right of way” . He got a $90 ticket for thinking he was equal to a car.

Don’t you know, cars are the dominant life form on this planet. Listen to Ford Prefect.


Oh yeah, I can laugh now. Here’s what I looked like when I got the news yesterday.


I texted this picture to my son while he was waiting to leave the scene of the accident and told him to show it to the driver who hit him. I wanted to eat human ass right at that point.

I’ve been a cyclist since I was 16. There have been many lessons – the main lesson – cars don’t care about you. Some of them are hostile toward bikes. When I was teaching my kids to ride I saw car drivers do stuff that made me wonder about human intelligence.

Here’s the most common behavior to watch for when you ride a bike –  they race ahead of a bike to make a turn in front of the bike. 

While the cops at the scene determined, through some logic of their own, that the car had the right of way in my son’s accident, I’m going to say – if I were driving the car I would have slowed down at the sight of a bike in my space and let the bike go ahead. I just frankly like to know where bikes are, I’m much more comfortable giving them plenty of space. Knowing my son, I don’t think he raced ahead to get in front of a car, I’m pretty sure an impatient car driver decided that my son was not going to get in her way or slow her down.

Call me prejudice, but let me ask – how much time to you spend on the seat of a bike?

Yes, I hope my son will be more of a defensive driver in future, that’s just the lot of the cyclist, have eyes in the front, back and sides of your head. Expect the worst behavior, and gee, maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised once in a while. I also told him to remember this incident every time he gets in his truck.

Luckily everything is okay, he went to the hospital and got checked out, no stitches for the gash over his eye.  The bike is trashed, but it was his junker, traded from a kid at this dorm a couple of years ago, used for exactly this purpose, getting around campus. 

Now our biggest problem is how to pay for the ct scan and other hospital charges. I’ll keep you posted, right here on This Old Lady!


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