I can’t wait to get back to Normal

Ever since we kicked out a batch of bad tenants last March and put our old rental on the market, life has been out of whack around here. I keep telling my husband, and he keeps agreeing – I can’t wait to get back to Normal.

Wherever that is.

One thing I’ve learned – don’t look back. The view is dizzying.

I can say, we’ve made forward, positive steps, but we’ve had to climb over some rocks to get here. I can stand on a rock now and then and say, “Wow, this is great, I’m sure glad we’re doing this!” But I’m exhausted, I don’t remember when I’ve been so tired every night.

Frankly, I can’t remember Normal, or even what it looked like. That makes a person giddy, a feeling of not really knowing whether the train is moving or standing still.

We’ve been spending money like mad too, trying to get another rental up and running. We want to make it very efficient so we’re replacing the big refrigerator. We’ve been waiting for President’s Day because the big box stores always have crazy sales. Lowe’s had a 14.5 cubic foot unit for about $450, so we went for it. Oh yeah, it was like cutting out a butt steak paying for it, but now I am relieved – a new refrigerator is a good sell for an apartment. 

But I’ll tell you what it happened so fast. I said to my husband, “Okay, it’s President’s Day weekend, let’s hit the box stores.” He says, “we don’t have to  go out, we can do it all online.” And I’m like, “Wow!” So we sit down at the old box and the next thing you know we’re buying a refrigerator. And guess what, they want to deliver it TODAY!

What ever happened to Sunday?

But I went along with it, flying by the seat of my pants, I started cleaning the old fridge, which had so many magnet and photos and whatnot stuck on there, it was hard to see there was a fridge under there. 

I had my grandma’s fancy serving dishes on top, a gorgeous stem cake plate, a couple of those old silver plated trays, and a neat little punch bowl. I boxed it all up and stashed it away on a shelf in my husband’s shop, who needs that stuff anyway.

Then I went about cleaning the inside of the fridge. After all these years, it’s still a great unit, so we’re giving it to our older son and his girlfriend. That’s been the plan since they moved into a bigger house last Spring. They like to cook and shop in bulk, so they could use it. And it’s a good model, with replaceable parts. The last time we had to get it fixed the guy told us – the new models are pretty much built to be disposable. He showed me how to clean the coils, and I’ve taken good care of the old baby. The kids are excited to get it.

Then we thought we better make a pathway through the apartment. Furniture had to be moved, scrunched in here and there, climb over the credenza to get out of the bedroom, etc. But we did it.

There’s just the matter of getting the old unit down the apartment stairs, and the new unit up. We checked the box indicating we would pay $20 extra for haul away, and I made sure to describe our situation very clearly in the “other” box. When we bought our washing machine three years ago, the operator assured us there would be no problem delivering it upstairs, AND hauling away our old machine – but the driver and his partner gasped when they got to our door. They got those babies in and out – they have a lot of neat equipment – but my husband gave them each $10 more out of guilt, and they were happy to take it.

So in about an hour my husband and I will drag the old box out from it’s tiny cubby, clean the coils, clean the space, and get ready for the delivery people to show up. 

Life just comes at you, doesn’t it? 





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