Changes on the horizon

Super Moon is on the wane after that spectacular show the other morning, but continues to shine brightly all night.  Saturn has taken over the morning sky, like a beacon in the southeast.

We are having unseasonably warm weather for February here in NorCal, and that has me wondering. Driving up Hwy 32 yesterday we saw Lassen shining almost as bright as Super Moon, completely covered with snow. Today we’re supposed to see 70 degrees in the valley and foothills – I worry that when we take our return trip down the hill Lassen will be all melted again!

Let’s check the webcams:

The sun is just coming up over Manzanita Lake – save this link and you can watch it whenever you want.  Right now you can watch Mt. Lassen turn white and glistening in the growing light of dawn.

I’ll have to remember to watch it as sunset some time, you do same.

Right now I’m sitting in my family’s little camp shack, and it’s just chilly enough to have a few sticks going in the stove.  We are spending more and more time here, and it’s great to get away from town.

Especially when there’s a construction site right next door to my apartment there – they’ve finished rebuilding the house that burned down, and are paving the driveway. I had to listen to a bulldozer and watch a truck come this close to hitting my back fence all day Thursday. The sound came right through the walls, as I was trying to work on taxes and other paperwork. My front yard stunk so bad of diesel I brought the dogs in.  

For about 8 months now I’ve put up with a contractor who gives construction workers a bad name. He’s going to be off the property pretty soon, and I’m happy about that. But his constant harassment has ruined our lifestyle in Chico, it’s taken the shine off our apartment there, and we’re probably going to sublet it and move up here, at least temporarily.

 Yeah, my hillbilly friends are all wondering if I can make it up here. We’ll have to see. It’s in my genetic material – my family is from Downieville, and my name is Juanita – GOOGLE IT!

We’ll just have to see what we see.




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