Celebrate the Super Moon with a big calzone!


This is the last I saw of Super Moon before the clouds rolled in.

Unfortunately Super Moon made her debut right ahead of a storm, so we have not seen much of her. I snapped this picture shortly before dawn the other day. 

Every time I look at the moon I hear Dean Martin warbling away in my head... “When the moon’s in your eyes like a big pizza pie…” 

So my husband and I decided to make a couple of calzones. We don’t make the traditional calzone – ours is more like a folded pizza.  Traditional calzone has a little too much cheese for us.


Here we’ve set our bread dough on the pan like a regular pizza, but we only fill half of it. Just the usual chicken, mushrooms, onions, etc, sauteed in a pan. 

We lay it on a little thicker than pizza, and we add cottage cheese instead of ricotta (which for some reason burns my stomach).  Contrary to tradition, we add  a tiny bit of tomato sauce for flavor.

I don’t know if I could do this all myself, I’ve never had to try. I make the dough ahead and my husband makes the filling. He fills the pie and then I fold and seal the edges.


Old hands are still good for something.

And there she goes, into a 400 degree oven, for about 20 – 25 minutes, until the top is good and brown, and she’s all puffing up like a Portuguese Man of War.


There’s that pizza stone we got at World Market for $15, along with a round screen we found stuck to the bottom of a take out pizza years ago. We put the cookie sheet underneath to roast some green beans.

The pizza stone is great, but with calzone we use the little metal screen, cause calzone can be a little stickier on the  bottom than pizza, especially if it tears. We heat the screen on the stone, and then coat it with cooking oil and lay the dough on it to stuff it, then put it back on the hot stone. 

We always make two of these bad boys, so while the second one was in the oven, we put in some oiled and salted string beans. Those were done just ahead of the second pie.


This one’s for you, Dino!

When I was looking at calzones online, I saw a lot of them were stuffed with spinach – next time, on This Old Calzone, with Juanita!


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