Have you got the Winter Blues? Go outside!


I know, it’s been Winter for less than a month, but Spring is already trying to get her foot in the door.

Out walking my dogs in the fog this morning, I noticed those frilly daffodils are busting up along my driveway, this bunch already has buds on it.  There are more bunches spreading down the driveway into my tenant’s yard – gophers? How do they do that?

The sprouts push right up through the gravel base in my driveway, it’s amazing.


See how hyacinth pushes the rocks aside to get to the sun.

Last year I didn’t get many daffodils, and only one bloom.  The hyacinth didn’t bloom at all.  Every Winter is different, so every Spring is different. Last year we had generous rains, with some cold hail storms, but not many Spring flowers. This year has been fairly dry  and sunny, and the recent rains have been warm. Go figure.


I think that purple bud at center is an early bloom.

One of the red bud trees already has tiny clusters of flower buds.


See the tiny buds a little above-right of center – they will burst into the prettiest pink bunches. Red bud trees are native to this area, and once mature, need very little water.

The grass I planted is full of weeds.


This is how sticker weeds take over – they lift up and spread out and kill the grass. Some of these weeds can grow to the size of a dinner plate, and every sticker they produce is full of more seeds.

But if you mow at the right time, you can kill most of them. I’ll throw down the rest of the grass seed I bought, and with regular mowing and watering  I can get a nice lawn going here again. I don’t need a perfectly manicured lawn, but I hope I can keep it from going to stickers again. 

This has been an odd year – Hummer has been here almost all Winter, leaving only during the stormy weather. He isn’t completely dependent on flowers – I’ve watched him swishing around, doing his little bug-eating dance all day.  But, he’s really happy about the rosemary blooming – I sat and watched him for a while yesterday, sitting at the top of our crepe myrtle tree, singing away, then diving pell-mell into the rosemary bush.


Sorry it’s blurry.  This is what everything looks like to me when I can’t find  my glasses.

These tiny purple flowers must be packed with nectar, Hummer spends his days guarding over and eating from this bush. He gets real testy about the rosemary – he’ll buzz you if you stand there too long. Biscuit likes to crawl inside this bush and scratch herself all over – the bush shakes.   Hummer has just had to learn to get along with her.

I’ll tell you what’s nice – I like to break off a bundle of these rosemary branches and burn them in my camp stove – the smell is outrageous.

Winter doesn’t always have to give you The Blues!






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