Time to plant stuff!

Fall came quickly – it’s easy to forget that streak of 110+ last June, seems like a long time ago. It’s nice to work outside, still warm, but not so dusty. Time to clean up, and time to plant some stuff for Spring.

I planted a garlic bed a couple of weeks ago.


Some of these are getting big enough to eat.

I finally gave up trying to grow garlic bulbs. Garlic takes a lot of water  – during those dry winters, I had to water it every day, and it still didn’t make much of itself. On some tv cooking show the host was using it green, leaves and all, so I pulled out a half dozen shoots, oiled and salted them, and put them on the grill with some meat. The leaves got really crispy, tasted great. And the bulb is a little taste treat – not sharp like you’d expect, but sweet and mellow.

Fresh green garlic is also nice to mince into salad dressing, gives it a whack.

You can plant garlic crowded if you’re not going for big fat bulbs. My shoots are getting big in this rain.

I also decided to rehabilitate a section of lawn I didn’t kill off, a nice patch right under our crepe myrtle tree. The shade from the tree protects that little section, right outside our front door, it’s nice to have. So as soon as the heat let up I bought a bag of grass seed at Northern Star Mills – it’s cheap, and you get to use their hundred year old scale to weigh it.


I never get tired of watching grass grow.

First I had to hoe the weeds out – there were several places where the barrel clover and other “weeds” had moved in and killed big patches of grass.


I’m leaving the crab grass, it helps hold the new grass. Later it will be one big carpet.

Some of those plants have amazing root systems – every time I thought I was done I would find more. But, I also found, there was a lot of grass left, it just needed some TLC. After I hoed out as many weeds as I could find I raked it good with a metal rake to loosen up the dirt.


I had to water it twice a day until the rain came. Now I’m ready to plant more, get it in before it gets too cold for the seed to germinate. 

Back to work. I’ll keep you posted!


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