Welcome to Taxifornia

thumbnail_20171030_142144Bob suggested the bear in this homemade sign should be replaced with a pig.

I hadn’t heard about the rally until the day of, two hours before it was to start. I suspect this was because it was organized by our local congressman, Doug Lamalfa, who has been on the hot seat with local liberals lately, and probably

didn’t want them to show up. I think that’s kind of a (‘scuse me children) pussy attitude Doug. I get tired of their antics myself – at the last public event I attended, they screamed “liar!” and “shut-up!”.  But, Lamalfa needs to show a thicker skin. And they should just remove people who don’t know how to act at a public event.

So he ran this one under the wire, inviting only those who already agreed with him. That’s not very effective.

Not to mention, they chose to have this protest two days before the tax was to take effect – today. A hell of a lot of  good that is – and not very genuine, I’m afraid.

Where was the angst when this bill was winding it’s way through the legislature?

State assemblyman Jim Nielsen made some good points about how it would a

ffect our puny lives – not only will the price of gas go up, higher than any other state in the nation, but this tax will add a hefty chunk to car registration.

And, Nielsen pointed out, they’ve promised to fix the roads before – remember Prop 50? As soon as that tax passed, The Moonbeam was on the news saying it wasn’t enough! This money will go straight into the salaries and pensions deficit.

While I enjoyed the rally for a few minutes, my husband  and I were right in the middle of the work day. I’d been doing dirty work all morning, but when my husband   said he needed to run an errand on that end of town, and we could not only check out the rally for a few minutes but take the dogs out, I put on a clean shirt, socks and shoes and jumped in the car.

thumbnail_20171030_141443Jim Nielsen is a good speaker, natural, and he made it clear – Californians are being ripped off, the gas tax hasn’t been used to fix the roads.We timed it perfect, arriving just in time to miss that idiot gasbag James Gallagher, and just as Jim Nielsen was taking the mike. I don’t always agree with Nielsen, but he made all the pertinent points – this tax is aimed straight at working people.

Welcome to Taxifornia.


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