It’s the little things, really, that make life good

I am so tired. My husband and I finally decided to gravel a problem area in our tenant’s side yard. I’ve complained about it – so hot nothing will grow but sticker weeds, I have to clean it every Spring, and I usually lose a pair of gloves and sometimes a good pair of socks to the stickers.

So earlier this Summer I took a big piece of black sheet plastic left over from a construction job we did, and I folded it into four layers, and I stretched it over the spot, about 6 x 10 feet. Just hauling the plastic up there in my wheelbarrow was a job – I always think of that milk commercial, where the old man picks up the handles of his wheelbarrow and his arms fall off.

Nothing kills a piece of ground to the dirt like a few layers of black plastic left in the sun, oh yeah! But last week when we were up there sweeping the house, we noticed the sun was starting to eat the plastic, it was breaking into little pieces, which we realized would soon be floating all over the yard.

We looked into gravel at various places – cheapest deal was Focal Point, which has two yards in South Chico. The first location is at the intersection 20th and Fair, and the other yard is just down Fair near the Work Training Center. 

You know, right out by the FAIR grounds…

A yard of road base is about $22. We had to make two trips, cause we can only haul half a yard in the old F-150. But it was well worth it – we had a tiny bit left over to fix a muddy spot in the driveway where I almost fall on my ass every Winter. 

Sheesh – $22! All those years I put up with those weeds! At least 10 pair of socks and gloves! 

Isn’t it just the littlest, dumbest things to make an old woman happy. I got new shoes too – I always wait for the same pair of “Itasca” to go on sale at Big 5 – $17.50! It’s like getting a new pair of feet – the old ones were worn down to the nub, I could feel every piece of that road base coming right up through the soles! 

Oh yeah, life is good, for today – we’ll see what she throws at us tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “It’s the little things, really, that make life good

  1. I hate those kind of weeds! I was mowin​g a few weeks ago and brushed up against one. It took 15-20 minutes to get them all off! We have several different types here, and you would think I would pull them up in the spring/summer when they first come up​ or at least start flowering. But, no. I let them grow so they will produce seeds so there will be more the next year. Good idea with the gravel!

    • I bet you are talking about wild parsley, the flowers are so pretty, but every one turns into a tiny Velcro burr.They get into your socks and dig against your flesh. No more messing around! Thanks BRo!

      • Oh, yeah! I hate those… Plus those little “stick tights”, as we always called them. I remember as a kid I would get them on my socks and my mom would have to take them off. One day she brought my socks to me and told me to remove them. From then on, I tried to avoid them. One time she left them on and I couldn’t even wear the socks!

      • Yep those are the ones – if you run them through the wash they are harder to remove, and they can also get all over other stuff – like your skivvies!

        Moms are great! They teach you independence!

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