Neighbors – a bear might crap in your driveway, but he won’t steal your weed whacker


We actually have quite a few neighbors near our shack in the woods – including Bear.

I hope that answers the question, “what did Davy Crocket step on in the woods?”


We’ve been seeing Bear’s “sign” around the neighborhood. We’ve caught him/her on the game camera, lumbering up our long driveway. He/she seems to spend a lot of time at our neighbor Steve’s place – where we took this picture. 

We don’t go out of the yard on foot at night – not just Bear, but Cougar prowls the woods here. We keep the dogs very close, our dooryard is very small. We have a lot of sensor lights placed here and there, mostly so we can get to the outhouse at night, but also to let us know when somebody is lurking.

Fox likes to come around. A family of foxes pops up in the storm drain that crosses our driveway every couple of years. Fox crap is so common I wouldn’t stop to take a picture, but when I see a pile of bear crap that big, right in the middle of somebody’s driveway, it’s an event.

Back in Chico my neighbor Michelle texted us that her weed whacker was stolen from her back yard shed. I don’t think she knows when, but I’ll guess it was right in the middle of the day. She leaves her side gate unlocked, which is probably not a good idea.  Her shed lies directly along my driveway, and that makes me uncomfortable – somebody can waltz in her side gate, right past my locked gate, and then hop over into our driveway. 

Of course, they will find locked doors, locked gates, locked, locked, locked. We even lock the upstairs windows. 

But I think a lot of robberies here are happening right under people’s noses – people leave garage doors open and side gates unlocked all over town. They think that’s their right, that they should not have to worry about crime affecting them – “that’s the cops’ job!” Oh yeah? You better tell the cops!

Here in Chico, the police department only has a 9-11 number, and you better be serious. For these “quality of life” crimes, they have a website, you have to log-in and go through an onerous process, to report the theft of a $100 weed whacker? Our county DA will not prosecute anything less than $950. 

My windows look right down on Michelle’s shed. While I can’t be staring down every minute, I can’t remember seeing the door shut, much less locked. Too bad – it’s a very solid built shed, I watched the previous neighbor build it, and if Michelle locked it she’d have no problem. But she leaves the door propped open, tools all over the ground, right within view of an unsecured gate that leads to the street. 

I’m sorry to be so mean, but really, people need to wake up. 








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