Red Sky at Morning

My husband and I caved after several nights of sleeping with the windows shut – we thought the sky looked clearer last night, so we opened the place up.  We turned the ac up to 85, and went to sleep. I guess we should turn it completely off, but this way, if it starts running, we know the apartment is getting too hot. 

At about 3:30 I woke up feeling pretty nauseated, had a bad stomach ache, and my nose was swollen up inside. My husband had tossed and turned for hours he said, so we checked the ac – 84 degrees.

You know, 84 degrees is great outside. Inside it’s like a sweat box. We laid there trying to decide – I  grew up here, and my family didn’t have air conditioning. We lay in bed at night, pretty miserable, listening to the crickets and bullfrogs outside, waiting for the sun to come up so we could take a swim in the irrigation ditch out front. 

When I finally got up for a drink of water, I could smell that wet campfire smell, and I realized it was time to cut our losses and shut the windows. My nose still hurts, my stomach is raw – wow, I’m just glad I don’t have to go to work or school today. 

My older son got a new job working for a landscape designer three days a week, in these temperatures and this air quality, I worry about him constantly. 

The younger boy says Nevada is no better, but his hours were cut when school started, so at least he’s not outside all day in this stuff.

My husband and I will be working in my tenant’s yard this morning – I’ll be wrapping my face up in a kerchief like Black Bart. 

Manos arriba! 


Red sky at morning, folks be takin’ warning!


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