Nothing like a back injury to bring life to a screeching halt!

I went on a cleaning binge in my tenant’s yard the other day. The sycamore trees are shedding so much, it looked as if her house was being buried.  Dead stuff around the yard needed to be whacked. While my husband blew the roof and cleaned the gutters, I went about raking the leaves onto a tarp and hauling them off to various places that needed the mulch, carrying a pair of loppers for all those overgrown branches and tiny little “weed” trees coming up around the edges of the lawn. It was a long morning of huffing and puffing, but I was happy with the results. 

Until about 2 am, when I woke up with painful back spasms. I haven’t had an injury like this for years – it hurts when I breathe! It hurts when I lay down, it hurts when I stand up. It hurts when I raise my arms. Sitting in my cushy office chair with my heating pad turned up to the key of G is about all I can take.

I have  tried to keep moving, cause I don’t think it’s good just to sit. I walk around the yard in circles coaxing the dogs to give me the ball.  I’ve tried to keep the housework moving along, including the laundry.  I used the vacuum because the pileup of dog hair in the apartment was driving me nuts.  Today may be the day I just give in to watching television all day. But I got a chicken to wash and get ready for dinner – I hope she’s cooperative.

Last time I went to Immediate Care, and that was just insulting. I was there for hours, paid about $290, for some x-rays that didn’t look real, and a lecture about being old.  Doc sold me a handful of painkillers that just about ate my stomach out.  And the place was FILTHY.  

So, I’m on my own. My husband is certainly being helpful, but I’m afraid he’ll overcompensate and end up in the chair next to me.

I’ll say, my tenant’s yard still looks very nice, that’s comforting.



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