I should read up on stuff before I set it in my yard!

At 5 am Venus soars ahead of the sun, “like a diamond in the sky…” The crescent moon hangs just beyond. The air is cool – Delta Breeze came sliding in yesterday, to give us a break from the triple digits. 


Top of the morning to you Old Mother Cactus!

My cactus garden likes this weather, as long as I give it a splash from the water pot.


This cactus came to me in a 4 inch pot, look how big it has grown! And two heads! The other plant is kalanchoe, it fell into the cactus pot from it’s mother pot above.  It’s going to flower too, and that ought to be something.


This cactus came from Old Mother Cactus – I took a pair of cooking tongues and pulled it off like an old tooth! But the flowers are different, what’s with that?


Here’s that agave I planted in my cactus garden, it’s grown about 4 times it’s original size.

I should read up on stuff before I set it in my yard. After I’d already started planting those agave I got FREE from a neighbor, I found out, they get HUUUUUGE! Another name for these plants is “Century Plant,” because they live 100 years, and then they flower, and then they die. Of course, in that hundred years, they produce like a gazillion baby plants. 

I should have known – I saw one across the road from the county records building in Oroville, and it was the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, surrounded by babies ranging in size from a few inches to a few feet tall. 

Oh well, I don’t care, I don’t think I will be here when they have to bring in the back hoe.


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