The end is in sight – heat wave will be over by Monday!


Crispy, sweet, and COLD!


My husband and I like to garden, but there’s a few things we don’t bother growing cause they’re so cheap at the grocery store.

Our local restaurant supply store, Cash and Carry has been getting better produce lately, they’ve been stocking a lot of fruit. Right now they have  a ripping good deal on watermelons – usually about $2 a melon.  

I buy two – one is cut up and put in a zip-lock bag in the freezer, I’m always thinking ahead.  When I open this bag in December or January the smell of Summer will fill the kitchen.

Are hot days longer than cold days?

You can literally beat the heat, if you get up early, get out there now. At 5 am I saw Venus rising just ahead of the sun, full and round like a glowing cue ball. The air is sweet and soft, a cool brush across your cheek.

This morning, as I was running around the apartment opening windows,  I remembered to put some garlic in the oven, it’s in there right now. I like to have some roasted garlic to spread on toast and crackers, but who wants to turn the oven up to 425 at noon? 10 am? 

Cash and Carry has a jumbo bag of the nicest garlic you will find for just about $4. I like to grow garlic too, but I found out green garlic is delicious, and my husband and I ate it all before it bulbed out. It was great roasted too, the green leaves get crispy and taste very rich. It’s also wonderful minced up in salad dressing. I’ve had frustration trying to grow garlic bulbs, they are very thirsty. I haven’t had big ones for years, cause I’m too stingy with the water.  When I found out how good green garlic is – and you can’t buy it at any store I’ve found – I decided to grow more of that over Winter and just buy bulbs at the store.

We made a big shopping trip to Cash and Carry the other day, bought a bag of 6 huge green bell peppers for about $4.  We’ve given up growing bell peppers – they also require a lot of water, and in poor soil are prone to blossom rot. We haven’t had a good bell pepper in years, and when something is so cheap at the store, it seems stupid to knock yourself out.

We use them hot or cold – I oil them up and my husband throws them on the grill next to the meat. There’s usually enough left over for sandwiches the next day, or cut up in salad, etc. I also like pickled bell peppers – give that a try!


It’s COLD!

I cut two big peppers into strips, put them in a bowl, and sprinkle over a tablespoon and a half of salt, toss them around in there.  That needs to sit for about an hour. Meanwhile I boil a cup of white vinegar with a half cup of white sugar just until the sugar dissolves, then set that aside to cool. When the peppers have sat for an hour, they’ve shrunk down, and I find these Bubbies Pickles jars just the right size to stuff them into.  I smash them down in there, and pour over the vinegar and sugar. Then it goes into the refrigerator, ready to eat in 24 hours. These will keep up to three weeks in your fridge, but they probably won’t last that long.


Crispy and sweet, also, again, COLD!

These are good to eat with a salad, a sandwich, on crackers, etc. And the vinegar is good for your teeth and gums! 




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