Feeling Good!

Lunchtime I got Carlos Montoya on the youtube. Youtube is a-may-zing!

I first heard Montoya getting my haircut in my girlfriend’s little studio. She was an artist, to be sure, but it was kind of nerve wracking – every little once in a while she’d “SNAP!” those scissors a little close to the tip of my ear.

Today I been – you guessed it! – pulling weeds! And picking up piles of weeds with my wheelbarrow and pitchfork, trucking them out to our weed pile, which is a big mound behind our garden. It used to be a pond, apparently, the former resident had dug it with those intentions. My kids incorporated it into their bike track  for a while.   They had  dug out a pretty impressive track, with jumps and dips big enough to break an old lady’s legs if she stumbled into them in the weed storm. They made sections of the yard unmowable.  So, now that  the “kids” are too big and more interested in the mountain trails, we’ve slowly been filling in the bumps and jumps with discarded dirt and weeds. 

When I’m using the wheelbarrow you know I always think about that milk commercial where the old man’s arms break off. 


We’re waiting for an offer on the rental we’ve put up for sale. Of course you worry that you let the agent price it too high, but you have to sit there like a stone and wait. Everybody in my family sweats bullets as the money goes out the door and no money comes in. 

Wow, I’ll tell you what – I turned in my Utility Tax Rebate application  – eighty two bucks and some change!   And we’re supposed to get a refund from the IRS – it’s funny when you got the IRS on the line, telling you, “swear to Gawd Lady, that check is in the mail!” 

How about a little Gershwin?


I wish I had stuck with those piano lessons.

Well, I have sat in here long enough to re-hydrate and re-think the rest of my day  – this cool weather has been great for transplanting and cleaning the yard, but my husband needs to hit the tomato beds one more time with the tiller before I can mix in some new dirt. He tills and I rake, he tills again, I rake again, we put in some good stuff from Worm Farm out at Durham. You need to recharge every now and then with some good manure, that’s the way it goes. Our dogs love that stuff, we have to lock them out of the garden until we till it in. Biscuit sneaks in all lovable and then tries to sneak out with a big horse turd, she’s just baaaaad. 

And I probably should go out and throw her a few baseballs, give Badges a good run. 

I love this part of Rhapsody in Blue, it’s the hopeful part, I like the idea that you wake up tomorrow and something good might happen. I look back at my morning and I see I survived another morning of dread and worry by looking around me at the positive things in life. It feels good. 




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