Happy Good Friday!

We’ve got used to sleeping with our windows open a crack – don’t want to let in too much pollen with that fresh air, but the evenings have been very pleasant. This morning I woke up shivvering – 38 degrees! 

What the heck!

I hope my porch plants are okay. Yesterday afternoon the skies opened up and dumped hail.


By the time it was over, it looked like Winter had rode back in.

I don’t remember the last time my driveway ran like a little river. 

I was surprised we didn’t lose power, the thunderstorm was intense, and directly over head. The sky took on that eerie blue light, and the thunder was right on top of our house, rattling the eaves.  BOOM!  It went on like a mad housewife for about an hour.

When it let up, and the sun was just sparkling,  I ran out to the orchard, expecting to see tiny fruit all over the ground. I was relieved to find the trees in good  shape, the fruit still hanging on. I also noticed, some fruit was getting noticeably bigger, it will be easier to thin out the littler fruit. I spent a few minutes pinching baby apples. 

We still have more rain in the forecast – weatherman says we will have today and tomorrow to dry out a little before another storm moves in on Easter Sunday.

So that makes today Good Friday. 

Every year on this day I try to watch the old British mobster movie “The Long Good Friday.” I found it on youtube but they won’t let me post it here. Why are they so protective? They should be thankful anybody remembers a movie from 1980.  

This year I’m going to finish it if I have to lock the doors. I’ve tried to watch it all the way through several times, but my family doesn’t like British movies cause they can’t understand the dialog. I have to admit, Bob Hoskins’ heavy cockney requires a steady hand on the playback.

You might need to turn to your “cockney rhyming slang” dictionary.


Learn something new every day, it makes your brain bigger!

PS: I finally watched it to the end – worth it! I won’t spoil it for you.


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