Shopping to sell

Life has been pretty blah since our friend died weeks ago. My husband and I continue to work toward fixing up our old rental for sale. The realtors we’ve met have been eager but we haven’t met one we feel confident with.  We’ve had good realtors, and we’ve been burned, it’s smart to take your time interviewing realtors. Once you sign with somebody, you’re stuck with them at least a few months. 

Our first realtor was an old landlady my husband had worked for, she had a lot of crappy rentals that always needed new rug.  She really screwed us over – she had an old slumlord friend who needed to get rid of some rentals. We were young and dumb, we didn’t know she knew the guy. The market was overpriced anyway, but the house had problems we didn’t know about – like an illegal septic tank that the buyer had signed off by his friend who owned a septic business.

There were no leach lines, and the tank was on the other side of the fence in our neighbor’s yard. We didn’t find that out until we tried to sell the house five or six years later. The guy who came in to do the septic inspection saw what was wrong, and then he saw his boss’s name on the old clearance. He said he had to get something out of his truck, and he drove away. We handed the paperwork to our new realtor, and – long story short – the bitch who signed the false clearance in the first place had to supply us with a brand new septic tank and new leach lines for FREE. Of course that necessitated tearing out our entire back yard, but when we finally sold that house we got at least twice what we paid for it.

We had that same realtor for years before we found out he was “flipping” us – he’d have a “straw buyer” buy our home for a lower price, then he and the straw buyer would sell it for a lot more without our knowledge. It took us a while but we caught him at it. I don’t know if that’s legal but it’s sure not very nice. 

We had another realtor who we found out later was not a licensed agent, he was not even an agent. His friend, a licensed agent, has given us to him as a test to see if he liked selling real estate. He decided he didn’t like it when he came to our house to sign the paperwork and our dog jumped up on his nice pants, left dirty foot prints all down the front. That was the end, he didn’t even try to market our house, didn’t call us with one buyer in the three months we were stuck with him.  Never even came back to get his signs, with is usually a sticker with these people, they cost a few bucks.  I’ve never seen his name in the agents’ listings, our dog must have quashed his dreams. 

Our best agent was Russ Hammer, but he was already in his second retirement when we got him, and he retired again after selling a couple of houses for us. He and his wife had a dream of living at the beach, hope that worked out.

So now we’re looking again. So far we’ve had two “buyers agents.” Some realtors work harder for the buyer than the seller. These gals were both about quick sales, we’re hoping to hold out for a better price because we know the potential in the property – it’s close to the park,  it’s big, and if you were a developer, you could probably tear down our old rambler and put three houses on the same spot.

I’m just saying. 

So we’re looking for somebody who “shares our vision…” 

I’ll keep you posted!







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