Spring brings change

The sky was very dark and dramatic this morning.


I caught a glimpse of the Spring moon as the clouds rolled over.


Today is the official start of Spring, but she’s been hanging around the back door for a few weeks now.

Here’s a milestone – three people who profoundly affected the world we live in died this weekend – Chuck Berry, Jimmie Breslin, and  David Rockefeller.

These men were Titans of my time.  The only one I had a real affection for was Berry, who reminded me of my dad – sometimes point blank serious, other times an awesome bullshitter… always a great entertainer. He embodied an era that is gone – I wouldn’t call it innocence, but America used to have a lot more self-confidence and a wider righteous streak.

Jimmie Breslin was one of the “new journalists,” he wrote with feeling, oftentimes with slant. Slant is not good journalism, but it’s a good read. He was a writer who wrote for himself and nobody else – I can relate to that.

The Rockefellers, smiling with benevolence but one hand in their back pocket. David Rockefeller got very rich  championing “enlightened capitalism”. Uh-huh, whatever you want to do with that. I always felt the Rockefeller Center was Satan’s New York headquarters. 

Spring brings change, that’s for sure. We’ll have to see what rough  beast comes round in the next few months. 

I’m quoting Yeats not Didion.





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