Pollen time – maybe the rain will wash that stuff down today!

It’s trying to rain outside. Every now and then a little burst and within seconds it stops.

I’m hoping for some good gully washers – tree washers, really. All  around my house the trees are flowering, the grasses are flowering – we’re being pollinated as I rattle the keys.

The tree in front of our house, right outside our bedroom windows, is a gross polluter. It’s similar to mulberry – little tassel flowers that come out before the leaves. The ends of the branches look like a stalk of asparagus, but as the flowers open they look more like the fringe along a beat up old rug.

When the morning sun hits the tree, it begins to “smoke”. It looks like the area between City Hall and the Municipal Building at break time.

The other day when the wind kicked up, my husband and I had just come in for lunch, and just as he was telling me how stuffy the apartment is with all the windows shut up tight, a big green cloud blew by our living room window, and then another, and then another. We shuddered, and checked the windows to make sure they were all shut up tight.

This tree is very pretty, and it shades our entire driveway in Summer, so we put up with two weeks of terror.

It’s fun to hit it with the hose – covered from head to toe with work clothes and dust masks – and watch it puff. I hope this also gets rid of the pollen faster, I try to hit it every morning when I go out to the truck to get ready for work. Of course the old red F-150 is coated with green goblin dust. It sparkles menacingly.

In other news, the iris flowers are coming out all over the yard, like, “OMG! It’s SPRING!” I like to spread bulbs around my yard, very casual and hap-hazard, just trying to find good, out of the way spots for them to grow into a weed block. It usually takes a while for them to come along, I usually forget where I’ve planted them, so the flowers are a nice surprise.

A few years ago a neighbors white irises pushed their way under my back fence, the rhizomes sitting on top of the ground. It just happened to be Fall, so I grabbed a shovel and dug a little trench along my laundry fence, and plopped them in. I don’t have time to plan this stuff. I don’t remember when I did it. But this year as the rains came in, the spiky leaves began to push out the weeds along that fence. The other day I noticed the elegant white spears growing up out of the chaos.

They remind me of the white cranes that frequented my grandpa’s rice field.

Irises are good to cut and put in a vase – it’s nice to cut them before they open.

Oh good, here comes that rain.



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