Looking toward the future while keeping one foot planted firmly in the NOW

I’m  glad you can’t see me right now because I look like Hell. Whenever I get busy my appearance is the last thing I think about, until I stand up from my computer chair and catch a glimpse of my self in the big wall mirror.

I admired this great big antique mirror on a co-worker’s wall, what – 30 years ago? And the next thing I knew he was loading it in the back of my tiny car.  He’d got it with the house he’d bought, and didn’t really care for it, so passed it on to me.  And now here it is, taunting me. “You look like a plate of old crap.”

And I feel like one too!

I won’t complain about cleaning the rental, which gives me very little to talk about.

The realtor is coming today, that will be something to yak up.

I’m trying to motivate myself to go over and put a little spit and polish on the place, make sure to dust down cobwebs, wipe off all the sticky hand prints off the walls and doors, etc. Nobody ever notices the stuff you cleaned, it’s the dirty stuff that catches their eye.

And when this is all over… I try to think about that but find myself counting unhatched chickens.

I’ll have to amuse myself with plans for a gluten free angel food birthday cake. With COOL WHIP!






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