When you get to be my age you can postpone your birthday to a more convenient day

My husband and I have been so busy lately – don’t laugh – I just realized today is my birthday.

Frankly I just don’t feel like having it today.  I’d really like to be able to celebrate the day in some fashion, but today I have to go over to the rental and scrape out the oven.

The worst thing about a dirty rental is the smell. A real turn-off. First thing to do when you turn over a rental is clean the kitchen appliances and the bathroom fixtures. I spent two hours the first day cleaning the refrigerator. It’s only eight months old, they got it new, but they gave it back to me with some sort of strawberry jam stuck in the back of the freezer and rancid salad dressing spread all over the inside of the door. It’s the cutest little modular model – everything comes out for cleaning, and yeah, there was guck behind everything. I can’t believe they put food in the drawers – it looks like they stored their shoes in there.

Hey, it’s my birthday, and according to Lesley Gore, I’ll cry if I want to. Or just complain, gripe, bitch and moan like usual.

There was a rotten food garden growing in the bottom of the dishwasher, which was only about a year old when they got it. It never ceases to amaze me how disgusting a dishwasher can get and people will just keep putting their dishes in it, and then take them out of there and eat off them!

Of course the stove  was  a mess – these folks thought baked on food was reasonable wear and tear. After two hours in the fridge and another hour in the dishwasher, I’m ready to spend at least two more hours in the oven.  The stove top only took a half hour – just a flat surface, no racks, grates, or nooks and crannies.

Like I say, smell is a deal killer, and you have to go in after it. After I’m done with the appliances there’s the cabinets!

Yeah, I know – Biscuit got sick when we turned over the same rental last year, and I just had to grind my teeth and put my shoulder to the wheel, worrying about her every minute and cursing that tenant too. Curse curse curse!

I’m starting to lose my thrill for Landlady. Arthur hates her.  My knuckles are bleeding, my hands and arms are shooting with pain, and muscle spasms in my back make me walk like a poodle in a constant hump.

So Thursday we got a  realtor coming over. I’ll keep you posted.

And, I’ll have a birthday party next week, you’re all invited! Stay tuned!




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