Biscuit still hanging in there – love is good medicine, but the vet is also very helpful

Eight pounds lighter, but still hanging in there!

All that worry and fuss – maybe it worked, cause Biscuit is feeling a lot better today. Thanks for all your support Basil Rene – it looks like she might have had a “GI” problem.  Maybe it was the skank water at the park, or maybe she ate some poop – she’s no princess when it comes to her diet, that’s for sure. Doc told  us yesterday that all her internal organs look good, her tests have been coming back good, it looks like a temporary ailment. 

This morning she’s her old self, asking to be fed instead of making me spoon it down her throat. She skipped out to the back acre for a walk this morning, smelling all the smells, enjoying the morning – same old dog.

Last time this happened, we dallied around, thought it was no big deal, dogs get sick. We took her to our old country vet, he doesn’t have testing equipment, and just gave us a general antibiotic. A week later she was at death’s door, so he told us to take her in to All About Pets. I feel stupid now that I didn’t take her there right away. This time we jumped on it, and avoided weeks of Hell. I’m starting to have a tentative trust in veterinarians again, it’s taken a while to get that back after past experiences.

The best thing is she trusts me – I was able to get a pill in her this morning, she just opened her mouth and  let me set in on the back of her tongue, then swallowed it. 

I think my friend Reverend Billy would say something like “Dog-a-LU-jah!” 



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