Rack of lamb as good as it sounds

Irises and bay flowers have appeared over the course of the last storms.

Irises and bay flowers have appeared over the course of the last storms.

Our bay trees are sparkling with little white flowers, something I try to watch for every year as it happens fast and is over. But I’ve been enjoying the purple iris flowers for a couple of months now, they just couldn’t wait for Spring.

Which is, as you know, right around the corner.  

Winter has been sitting on us hard these days. The Sun has gone off somewhere, lah-tee-dah!  We’ve been trying not to sit inside too much, going out whenever the dumping lets up. We’ve spent the last week or so cleaning up dead stuff around the yard, whacking into an old grape vine that was  smothering some trees, tearing out last year’s garden, etc. My husband tears the fence off the garden every year and tries to move it out a few feet when he puts it back again.  

They say old people like us should try new stuff, which is good in Winter, keeps us alert. A friend of ours orders all his organic chicken online, and a few months ago, the company sent him the wrong order – along with the usual chicken, they found lobster tails, a whole rabbit, and a rack of lamb. When he contacted the company about the mix-up, they not only apologized, they told him to keep the stuff he’d received at no charge,  and they’d have his own order shipped out immediately. 

He had no problem with the lobster – chicken of the sea – but had no idea what to do with the whole rabbit or the rack of lamb. So he gave them to us. We did the rabbit a while back.


That was delicious, but we were kind of timid about the rack of lamb. I kept reminding my husband it was wasting away in the freezer. Finally he sat down with his favorite recipe book – Google – and figured it out.

It was not as easy as the rabbit. Check this out:


There’s quite a bit of fat to be trimmed. We were a little intimidated, worried  that there would be no meat left on our little rack, but my husband took out his filet knife and went for it. 

Cooking was quick by comparison – less than 45 minutes all total. It had to be browned in a skillet first, and I steamed the potatoes and carrots for about 10 minutes before we tucked the whole thing into a pan and covered the meat with a mix of horseradish, diced onions and garlic.  

Here’s what we pulled out of the oven.

Rack of lamb, wow, it tasted as good as it looks.

Rack of lamb, wow, it tasted as good as it looks.

I’m sorry I didn’t get more pictures. When it was done my husband  divided it up into the most beautiful tiny rib steaks you have ever seen, and I tell you what, we ate almost the whole thing in a sitting. Get it while it’s hot.

I had expected it to taste “gamey,” but no, it had a very delicate taste, like a good prime rib.  We’ll finish the rest for lunch today, and feel lucky to have got it. I would eat it again if I got a good deal on it. 


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