Best thing about blogging is meeting other bloggers

I am a compulsive blogger. When I was a child this was known as “chatterbox.”

Blogging is great because you meet people. Here’s a few of the bloggers I’ve met virtually through my blog.

Goan Imports, with Nandini

Goa is a tiny country located on the continent of India, on the Northwestern tip. Their proximity to Portugal meant alot of Portuguese culture has influenced everything about Goa. I grew up in Glenn County, with a lot of Portuguese people, we had “Festa”.

Nandini posts a lot of recipes – I love the way she assembles all the ingredients in a photo.  She makes an exotic dish very simple to prepare. A lot of her dishes are “Down Home” Goa.  Others are special delicacies you won’t want to miss.

Jujubes – Goan’s Turkish Delight Recipe

My favorite post is from a few years ago – she took us on a virtual trip to Goa.

Experience Goa just like the locals

Town and Country Gardening, with Pobept

Maybe you’re a homebody and you just want to see how other people do things. Town and Country Gardening is a good site.

You can see, Pobept talks about everyday, practical gardening tips. No chore too small or big to be discussed on the blog. It’s kind of like Farmer’s Almanac, but Pobept keeps it personal and lively with his own observations:

I can relate to Pobept’s lifestyle, I enjoy reading about his adventures, even though OK is far away and very different from CA.

Mike is Happy, with Mike Silva

And then there’s times I just need some silly wisdom. Unfortunately, Mike is not posting lately, but when he’s posting, he really cracks me up.

Just remind yourself – you don’t have to “get it,” to get it.

I have “met” a lot of interesting bloggers through my wordpress account, I hope to meet others in the coming months. 


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