Des colores se visten los campos en la Primavera…

A lady wrote a letter to the paper the other day, complaining that the editor had complained about the rain. She pointed out, we just had what – five years of drought? She was offended that the editor would complain about  the rain now that we’re finally getting some.

You can tell people have been cooped up in the house too long when they get in a fight over complaining about the rain. Classic cabin fever.

At first it seems all warm and cozy inside, it’s easy to fall into hibernation. I put on my wool socks and fuzzy slippers, wrap up in a shawl, watch some tv. The chores pile up, and about noon, I feel like I’m getting a hangover without ever having had the pleasure of having gone on a drunk. My body stiffens up, my butt gets numb, I need to stay busy.

So I bake stuff, cause that keeps the house warm. Makes your ass as big as a barn door though.

So we put on our garbage bag rain coats every couple of hours and head out the door. Sometimes the rain is coming down so hard I find myself watching the ground directly in front of my feet. Which is a good idea, cause the ground is slicker than (in Texas they say ‘shit’) . 

When the rain stopped Sunday and the fog rolled in, my husband and I packed up our gear and the dogs and went camping 20 minutes above town. It’s amazing how different the weather is there when it’s not raining. While Chico slept in a dense 35 degree fog we enjoyed brilliant sun and nearly 60 degree afternoons. We chainsaw and stack brush for the chipper crew and rake up tree trash for the burn piles to keep our neighborhood safe. We enjoy long walks in the woods with the dogs, tracking the little harem of does that live nearby with their fawns. One day we saw the buck – he was so magnificent, I thought he was a well made decoy, until he turned his regal head, and sprang off into the woods. Bounce, bounce, bounce – just like in the cartoons! The dogs were so shocked they just stared.

The dogs spent a lot of their time trying to rout a mouse from the wood pile. I watched her scamper out the back of the pile while they worked from the front. But they still dug relentlessly at that pile of wood for hours. 

The fun washes out with rain, so when the clouds started to bunch up, we packed  our gear and headed home. This storm’s been a whopper, more than a steady drip on the eaves, a real dumper. The wind howls around the roof, the big trees wave back and forth. So today we’re inside again, working around the shop and the garage. Taking the dogs for a walk.

But now I’m starting to notice something different – those bulbs I scattered around my yard last Summer are starting to poke through the dirt. They are pushing up the gravel along my driveway.  Fat purple buds are forming on my irises. 

La primavera esta a vuelta a la esquina – spring is just around the corner! 



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