Same old friend


As the moon sailed up over the treetops last night, she was overtaken by pirates.

I never get tired of looking at the sky. The moon is really full  and bright these past few nights.


There was a brief struggle, and I was afraid the pirates would steal away with her.

It was nice to have a break in the storm yesterday, and a fabulous evening.


Just when I thought she was lost, her face appeared above the dark mast.

We were able to get some chicken on the grill, used that new salt stone again.


Here’s what the salt stone looks like after one or two uses. It’s stained, but feels clean to the touch.

As we huddled around the bbq, we kept an eye out for Sister Moon.


And there she was, rising above the fracas.

She popped out of the clouds like a new blossom emerging from the mud.


Same old friend.

Hello Moon.


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