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Biscuit likes to take a drink out of this rain bucket, so we always keep one of my son’s old hockey sticks nearby to bust out the ice.

Yesterday was COLD. I didn’t linger by the Kist Thermometer long enough to get a read, but my faithful computer monitor told me 27 degrees at 8am. By 3 o’clock, it had barely hit 50.  

Cold enough to freeze over all our rain buckets and even the dog’s continuous feed water dish.

She likes the rain bucket the best so we always bust it out for her. When my husband broke the ice yesterday he splashed some water on the concrete. When I came out a half hour later the spilled water was frozen solid. 


Here’s the ice lid off the water bucket we keep next to our front door, on our covered porch. This was still sitting unmelted yesterday evening, even after sitting on the black plastic in the sun.

I suppose it’s good and melted now, it’s been dumping rain since the wee hours. 

Yesterday we spent getting my son packed and on the road again for school. He could have stayed another day or two, but yesterday was the golden weather window through the Sierra passes.

 It’s been a swell three weeks, but I could tell he missed his girlfriend and his normal routine. That empty nest thing kind of creeps up on me, it’s hard to get him out of the driveway without a scene. But, I can tell he’s not that eager to go, he stands there looking at us after we hug and say goodbye, and my husband starts talking again about which route he will take. We go round like this for 15 or 20 minutes before we all begin to feel awkward and he climbs into his big truck. He never refuses another hug, and he doesn’t let go right away.

He seems confused, I’m confused too – this is his home.   I try never to refer to his apartment in Nevada, no matter how neat-o and ergonomic it is, as “home”. I try to keep his room the way he left it, although we both agreed,  my desk and some funny posters I put up are a good addition.  


I found Alfred E. Neuman in an old stack of comic books.

Al reminds me, don’t take any of this stuff too seriously.  Including the maze of his face, which has no solution.

Listening to the pouring rain, I realize, I am pretty well stuck inside today. We’ll see what we can come up with. 


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