Fitting weather for the last week of Autumn – Mother Nature is about to “whollop” us

What can you say about a day like today – what a dumper!  And the newspaper says, this is only Storm #1 – it is Storm #2, apparently, which is expected to pack a “whollop“.   So, you’re telling me – this isn’t a whollop?  Oh, shit.

Dammit I told you people to stop complaining about the drought!

I’m sorry to be so boring, all I got planned today is make a loaf of bread and load the smoker full of meat. The smoker can sit in our little plastic greenhouse, nice and dry. I will suit up in plastic every now and then to run the dogs around the yard, then dry them off and bring them back in the house. We might make a move on some park or trail today, but only if visibility gets better. I’m guessing it is not going to get better today. 

We worked hard the last few days, even through yesterday’s drizzle, because the weather man has been telling us this  storm was coming. We tried to get caught up on outdoor chores, like mowing and raking.   As usual, my husband got up on the rentals, swept the roofs and blew out the rain gutters.  I did a bunch of laundry, piles and wads. I wanted to have plenty of dry towels and warm sheets, not to mention a good supply of long sleeved shirts and cozy drawers.  

I love it when a plan comes together.  It’s so good to enjoy the fruits of good planning  and labor.  I do actually enjoy standing up here in my warm clothes, looking out my windows to watch the water whoosh happily through the gutters and out the downspout. 

It’s that kind of day, fit for web gathering. I try not to read the paper on days like today – pissed off with nowhere to go, is how that feels. I try to look for chores I don’t usually have time for, like cleaning out kitchen cabinets and wiping down the fronts with lemon oil. It’s always good to clean out under the sink. Plunder the laundry cabinet. Wipe the canopy of webs off the ceiling fans and window blinds. Etc.

Biscuit is bumping at my elbow – time to get the day going.  As going as it can get on a day like today!





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