All I want for Christmas…

The word for today is “C-O-L-D”. The color for today is “D-A-R-K”.  

I won’t say I hate Winter, but I will say, it drives Arthur f-ing nuts.  

Arthur Itis, my close friend and constant companion. Last night I think he drove a truck over my hands.

And it’s “that” time of year.  Again.  I’m behind on Christmas preparations this year, although, we did get a couple of boxes of Maisie Janes nuts and candies off to the relatives. I always bid a tearful adieu to those packages, I really never expect them to arrive – the stories I could tell!  But I will say – Maisie Jane packages her stuff really well. Last year we sent three packages, two were delivered, the third disappeared and was returned to us in February, beat up pretty good. I have no idea why it was not delivered,  but we just decided to open it and enjoy whatever was left. Given the appearance of the outside of the package, we were shocked. The nuts were shaken, but the plastic round was still intact and the nuts tasted as fresh as if we’d just bought them.

We also send Maisie Jane’s to my father-in-law, he’s always glad to get them, in fact, if he doesn’t see them by the first week of December, he asks where they went.

We always mail by Thanksgiving, or not at all. 

As for the rest of my Christmas list, the kids are getting warm stuff. We already bought the oldest one a new heater, and I’m waiting to hear what it does to his electric bill.  Everybody is getting new sweaters – including these fleece pullovers I found at Walmart for $9 – and if I get the chance, a bunch of good socks.  I found some pretty sweaters at Target for less than $30. TJ Maxx has good socks.  

There’s surprises, but I’m keeping those under my hat.  Never know who is listening!

Hmmmm, what do I want for Christmas?  Good question. 


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