Rough beast slouches in

My husband woke me up at about midnight on Election Night – “you won’t believe this – Hillary has conceded!”

And of course, Measure K had already received 68 percent approval, that was not surprising.  The last bond measure passed with almost the same percentage. 

But Hillary conceded when the popular vote was split at 48 percent? That was a shocker. My husband  tries to explain the electoral  college to me,  I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t get it, I don’t understand why we don’t use the popular vote. What I do get, is how divided our country is, and what a pile of creeps we have running it.

My husband and I don’t like Hillary, we think the Clintons really screwed up the country with stuff like NAFTA and public employee entitlement. Hillary is the Queen of Entitlement, a connoisseur at the art of reciprocal back scratching. 

But we’re not even sure what to make of The Donald. 

The solution? I’m sorry – I didn’t vote for either of them.  Having lived in California all my life, I’m used to the idea that by the time our precincts close, the race is already over. I don’t remember when I’ve voted for anybody but Ralph Nader, even  before he started any formal campaign. I remember the first time I scratched in Nader’s name on my ballot –  Bill  Clinton’s first campaign. During a televised debate, he told candidate Jerry Brown to “chill out” on the topic of Hillary’s questionable business dealings, including the “Whitewater scandal” that later took up years of Bill Clinton’s presidency. How soon we forget – Clinton’s presidency was one scandal after another, ending in impeachment on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. Over an affair he had with a White House aide, a girl of 18 who lit his cigars with her vagina and gave him blow jobs while he spoke on the phone with heads of state.  It wasn’t just Monica, it was how Clinton felt entitled to use his position to fulfill his base desires. What didn’t we find out about?

Oh yeah,  how soon we forget.  I’m sorry to make you remember that stuff.

What really disgusts  me is the young people who are being fooled by Hillary because they aren’t old  enough to remember.

So, here we are with The Donald. I don’t know what to expect. I used to think it’s better to go with the bad thing you know – and that would have been Clinton.  But this time, I couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t vote for that woman. I can’t believe others did vote for her, knowing how she led the DNC to disenfranchise Sanders’ supporters. 

So we have people throwing temper tantrums over the outcome of the election. What are they protesting – Democracy? 

Hey, I didn’t like Barack Obama, and I really didn’t like his re-election, but you didn’t see me throwing a temper tantrum in the street.  I’m really disappointed in the passage of the school bond,  Measure K, but you don’t see me egging the district office. 

I’ll tell you where you will see me – I hope you’ll be there – I’ll be attending more Chico Unified school board meetings and Chico Area Rec  District board meetings.  It works good for my schedule because they are held a day apart, around the 15th of the month – school board meets Wednesday night and CARD meets Thursday. 

The CARD meetings aren’t bad, usually over within an hour and a half. The school board meetings, from the looks of the agendas, are a little more onerous.  But see, that’s what they’re counting on – you won’t come.  Surprise them – it’s worth seeing the look on their faces.

You have to take the medicine folks, or the recovery will never happen. I do get tired of people who throw more money because they are just too lazy to get involved. 



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