Try something new – grilled rabbit does not taste like chicken!


Looks like chicken?

My husband and I have some friends who order their organic meats online. It’s expensive but cheap – cheaper than buying these  expensive meats at the store, that is. 

But mistakes are made – they recently received somebody else’s order, and the company just gifted it to them. There were some items they could use – lobster!  And chicken, like they’d ordered. But they didn’t have any use for the De Bruin rabbit, so passed it along to us.

I don’t know if I believe their claims about the rabbits being raised all happy and such, but I grew up on a farm and that has never really been a concern of mine.  Clean and healthy can be seen, since I can’t talk to a  rabbit I will never know whether they are happy or not. Read “Watership Down.” 

I’ve eaten rabbit, once at a French restaurant, and once at the Fox and Goose in Sacramento. Both times it was kind of tough and chewy, nothing special. I would not have gone out and bought it again.  But it wasn’t horrible, so I was ready to see what my husband could do with it on the grill.

The rabbit was nicely cut, four legs and two breasts.  He put a rub of salt  and garlic powder on  it and set it in a bag on the counter for a couple of hours.  Then he chose from his collection of store sauces – a pineapple  concoction. Sometimes he makes his own sauce, other times he turns to the bottle.  Then he went out to get the grill going. I found some little apples in the fridge from last Summer, and filled them with the pineapple sauce.

I’ve watched my husband learn how to grill over the last 25 years, he’s becoming a master at it. I remember when he couldn’t do chicken, it was always burned on the outside and questionable on the inside. But now I believe he could make an old tire taste like steal au  poivre.

“Bugs” as we call him turned out great. We each polished off a leg quarter and part of a breast, with leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Tasted great with plain brown  rice  and salad, those little apples sliced up in lieu of tomatoes.

No, it did not taste like chicken. It was completely  different. You’ll have to try it yourself!





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