How soon we forget the trials of Summer when that first good Whopper rolls in

Holy Boarder! Mt Shasta got some snow out of that storm last night.

NOTE: The ski park cam is not being refreshed, that’s a shot from last year. The Cal Trans cameras show the snow has already melted as of today (Wednesday 10/5).

And here’s the webcam shot for the visitors’ center at Mt. Lassen.

I’ll tell you what’s funny – looks like all of that might be melted off by next weekend!  Weatherman is calling for warm weather again, highs in the 60’s and 70’s.

A fifteen minute storm is a Gully Washer. A half hour storm is a Whopper.  Yesterday we had a series of Whoppers. We were sitting on the patio yesterday evening, watching the lightening show, when it started dumping, then hailing, splattering dirt and tree gunk all over the place. Our gravel pathways ran like little streams, and this morning the debris looked like  bizarre ink blots all around the yard. Today we raked, swept mud off siding, etc. 

I won’t complain too much.  It came on so fast – how long ago was I complaining about the 3-digits? The dirt clouds? 

Oooo, maybe board Shasta or Sugar Bowl for Thanksgiving, yes, I would be most thankful. 



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