North wind blows in Autumn, brings scratchy, itchy skin


When I went outside this morning the clouds were trying to swallow the moon.

The first day of  Fall is dramatically cooler than a week ago, but still tinder dry. It would be nice if those clouds would bust out a few drops – yesterday I watched the wind  pick up the empty lot next door and shake dirt all over my house.


It was a very bright moon, but the clouds swaddled it in a bundle of mist.

Everything is coated with grit, sometimes I can taste the air. It’s so dry, every night I water and in the morning the ground is parched and cracked again.  One day I noticed the bottom half of my face was doing same – two lines appeared at the corners of my mouth, running down to my chin – I looked like Howdie Doodie.


There it is.

My husband also noticed, his skin was dry too – we both found ourselves laying awake at night, trying to resist the urge to scratch all  over. We could hear own bodies, grating on the bed sheets as we rolled over. My heels were starting to leave a worn spot at the bottom of the sheet.


Peek-a-boo, I see you.

Sometimes I just forget to take care of myself. This time of year, over-showering is bad, especially in hot water. But, a quick cool shower and a rub down with good body oil will help with that dry, itchy, end-of-Summer skin.


Not quite full, but very enthusiastic.

I make body oil with cheap “Euro trash” olive oil I find at Walmart. It smells and tastes fine to me. I add, in thirds, sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil from NOW foods – I get those through Lucky Vitamin.

That is sufficient, but I get rose hip and vitamin E oil from Lucky Vitamin too, and add about 10 drops of each to a cup of oil. Then I add some scented essential oil – orange, grapefruit, rosemary, and lately my favorite has been pure lime oil. These don’t last all day like perfume, but they’re really pleasant after a shower, and I do notice, the scent hangs around the bathroom because the bottle is in the shower. It’s very invigorating.

I rub in a handful of oil as soon as I turn off the water. Then I dab off any remaining water with a towel. My skin feels oily at first – and very nice! But the oil soaks in  pretty quickly, it doesn’t stain my clothes.

My husband likes a generous portion on his neck and back.  Since he showers at night, this leaves a light stain on our bedsheets, but it washes out.

I can hear a gust of wind working itself up, the leaves are scratching across the dead dirt outside my door, swirling around my patio in drifts.

Fall has fell.



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