At least it’s a dry heat!


Where the hell  is Chico?

Looking down on Chico from Hwy 32, you can see, air quality is pretty bad.

When Biscuit and I stepped out onto the patio about 3pm, the KIST! thermometer registered a nifty 110. Oooooo!

We had a nice drive up to Forest Ranch this morning, bolted out the door by 7:30, trying to catch the breeze off Butte Creek Canyon before it turned oven hot. The dogs like to have a walk, but here the sidewalks turn hot by 9am.  We enjoy the winding hillside trails, we stay in the shade, watch out for big snakes and ticks.  

On the way home, we could see – apparently, the smoke from recent wildfires has settled down on top of Chico. Yecccchhhh.

So here we are now, enjoying an episode of “A-Team” on the boob box, waiting for some tomato sauce boil down, grind some flour to make bread tomorrow.  These days, we get up at 5 so we can  get something done before the heat sets in. 

I know, I’m getting so boring. Going to have to do something exciting. I’ll keep you posted.



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