Market Value Place – ad rag resorts to “bomber” mailings – OPT OUT OPT OUT OPT OUT!

I’ve had a LOT of searches for opt-out information for various garbage mailers, so I’ll share this little note I sent this morning having received that pile of dead trees known as “Market Value Place” yesterday. I’ve only recently contacted the Enterprise Record, asking them to take my name off the list, but this latest delivery seems to have been indiscriminate – they just left them in little plastic sleeves, laying in the street in front of houses up and down my block.

Why isn’t that “illegal dumping“? What if I don’t pick it up? Will my neighbors pick theirs up, or will we have them blowing around the street ad infinitum?

Send your complaints to Miss Jenny Jurdana, flak  catcher for the illegal dumpers. Make it loud, make it clear, don’t use profanity, but don’t worry about being polite anymore. I got news for Dave Little – it’s not polite to throw garbage in the street.;;;;

Kirk, Maureen (


I found a Market Value Place laying in the street in front of my mail box yesterday. I looked up and down the street and there were similar bundles laying in front of every house.I can’t believe this is legal. We live in a town that has banned plastic grocery sacks, but we can still come home to find garbage  laying in the street in front of every house on our block, contained in a “single use” bag.  That doesn’t say much for our town.

Please remove my name from the list, again.  I’ll ask, was there a list, or were these just dropped in front of every non-subscriber in town? 

Mark Orme, can you forward this question to code enforcement – is it legal to leave political mailers or other such items laying in the streets? 

Thank you for your due diligence Ms. Jurdana, Juanita Sumner

Here’s the cherry on top – who should have a front page ad on this thing but our mayor, Mark Sorensen.


Yeah, “the local guys” – your mayor is an illegal dumper.

So I wrote him a little note –

I noticed your front page ad in this thing – any plans to overturn the bag ban? 


Sheesh – my bad – it was on the back cover. 

Stand up for yourselves.



3 thoughts on “Market Value Place – ad rag resorts to “bomber” mailings – OPT OUT OPT OUT OPT OUT!

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