You could cut the air with a knife right now, but try this peach-blueberry cobbler instead!


It’s not the heat but really bad air quality that has me hiding in the house today. Went up to Forest Ranch to get out of the 3-digits Friday and saw too much coming home.

We were driving into the guck.

Look at that brown band across the valley.

I heard there are two fires burning north of Chico. While they are both near containment, the Pony fire near Happy Camp has been burning steadily since early June, and the Colyear fire, west of Los Molinos, has been burning for almost a week. That’s a lot of smoke.

Chico is over there, under that guck.

Chico is over there, under that guck.

Of course we passed a steady conga line of folks headed to the hills for the weekend.  I’ve met people who drive all the way from Los Angeles to spend a couple of weekends a year at Lake Almanor. Tom Cruise had a house at Lake Almanor when he was married to Nicole Kidman, we used to watch for him around the Ches-Mart.

The air was about 15 degrees cooler at Forest Ranch, a sweet breeze swizzled up out of the canyon. We’ve been leaving our windows shut all night here in town, getting up about 4am to open up, slam them shut again by 7. Especially after we saw the crud that was hanging over town.

I like the Fourth, it’s an important day of the year. I love fireworks, I love to burn stuff, I love to bust a cap now and then. But my dog hates that stuff. So, tomorrow night we will be sequestered in the house, watching loud television, waiting for the fireworks displays at the race track and the ball game to be over. It’s funny, she really loves A-Team, but she’ll go under the dining room table if you so much as crinkle a sheet of bubble wrap.

I’ve been doing my chores.

I drizzled this fruit with some honey and lemon juice and nutmeg.

The peaches are rolling in from our orchard, and I found cheap blueberries at Safeway.

I drizzled the fruit with honey, lemon juice and nutmeg, and then poured over a simple batter of 1/4 cup butter, 1/2 cup sugar, an egg, 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup milk, in that order, and I poured it over the fruit. Baked at 350 for about 40 minutes, it was bubbling around the edges and golden brown on top.

I almost forgot to take a picture before we at it all.

I almost forgot to take a picture before we ate it all. Be sure to put a sheet pan or some tin foil under your baking dish to catch the blueberry explosions.

A nice dessert to take along on a picnic for your favorite patriotic holiday.




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