Hiding out in the pipeline

The moon slept late and missed nighttime.

The moon slept late and missed nighttime.  It’s so hot she looks like a sliver of ice melting in a glass of tepid water.

Wow, the mornings are absolutely wonderful these days. And then it’s HOT!  I like to get up early and wander outside with a cup of coffee and the dogs, try to get some watering and other chores done out there before the whip comes down.  Biscuit and Badges like to get in a few rounds of b-ball.

Biscuit says the star thistle are growing faster than we can mow them.

Biscuit says the star thistle are growing faster than we can mow them.  Where’d that ball go?

My husband gave the weeds a good mowing yesterday morning, cause once the heat sets in good, they just stop growing.  Anything we want to keep after about today, we better keep watering it.

California Girls.

California Girls.

Did I tell you about the big bag of sunflower seeds we bought at Northern Star Mills? It’s one of the oldest businesses in town, I remember staring into that glass case under the cash register at mostly the same stuff since my early childhood. My gramps sold them the black walnuts we picked up off our ditch tree, gave us kids the money for candy and soda, and then bought stuff like burlap sacks and twine.  They still have a needle in there like the one he used to stitch up his walnut sacks.   I remember like it was yesterday watching him reach into the deep pockets on his going-to-town overalls and pull out this withered black leather snap-purse. He’d dig in there for change – cause everything was cheap then.

My husband and I go there to buy pet and garden supplies. They have all the good stuff – remember when our dogs got it from a skunk early last year? They have the enzyme skunk shampoo. They have all kinds of stuff, it’s fun just to go in there. Look at those old mover’s dollies they use – they don’t even make furniture that nice anymore.   They have baby ducks and chicks in Spring. One of our favorite things to do there is buy bulk seeds so we can use the old scale, it’s beautiful, and still very functional.

Alot of times we buy grass seed to fill in weedy spots on the lawn. This time we found  a bin of sunflower seeds – I think they are meant for pets or bird feeders. They’re beautiful quality seeds, every one a winner, and so cheap – we bought a great big bag for about $2.

I wanted a big hedge of sunflowers this year, cause the squirrels rip us off so bad every summer we hardly get a single head. Well, have at it you little bastards – I planted like 100 of them.  All in neat little rows, about two inches apart. I didn’t expect to get every one, but I think I might have. They’re standing almost chest high now, and as you can  see, they’ve headed up. They already follow the sun every day – above you can  see them staring toward the east in anticipation of their Golden Goddess.

My husband wanted them for a shade block on our tomatoes.  He planted tomato seeds he bought from the catalog and kept them in our little plastic greenhouse, I don’t remember – February?  Now they are waist high and full  of tiny green tomatoes. My husband predicts we will have ripe tomatoes by the end of June.

It’s nice to have memories of that crisp morning air, cause now I’m hunkered down under the air vents with the dogs, waiting for my husband and kids to come in from landscaping chores. There will be sweat. I like to have the house cooled down a little when they come in, have a cold lunch,  spend the afternoon doing quiet things inside, listen to some cool music, do some chair dancing.






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