Grill your kale!

I had a shock last week when I found out I had gained so much weight none of my shorts would button.  With Summer moving in fast, I decided it would be cheaper to lose weight than go out and buy new clothes.

This is a good time of year to “take stock” anyway. I like to look around my apartment and get rid of clutter – and that would include a butt that looks like a bag of groceries, along with the muffin hanging over the top of the sack.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to lose weight is eat smaller portions of meat and fill  up on green vegetables and fruits. We found a great new way  to eat leafy green vegetables – grilled.

Light Summer supper.

Light Summer supper.

When I was a kid we ate lots of asparagus – boiled completely to mush and served with a big whopping tablespoon of mayonnaise. As an adult I learned to steam it just so, leaving it with a little snap to it, but I still used mayonnaise as a dressing. Now that I’ve eaten it grilled, I don’t think I’ll ever eat it any other way.

We wrapped it with a strip of prosciutto, fastened  carefully with a toothpick.  We laid it over a hot grill for a couple of minutes, turning it. The asparagus spears were tender sweet and smokey within 5 minutes – with a hint of the salty pork. The prosciutto was perfectly crisp and dry – you can  crumble it onto a salad, or eat it in tiny strips, so tasty! 

But the real treat was the kale. I washed four big leaves and spread a little olive oil on them with my fingers, then dusted them with garlic salt. My husband put them on the hot grill, and they sizzled right up – they came out like some sort of vegetable chips, salty and  sweet, the leaf spines chewy and juicy. I ate the first one right off the grill, the whole thing, I couldn’t stop.  I was afraid they would not taste as well cool, but I was wrong, they were delicious. 

 My husband and I split a small steak, but we were unable to finish our portions of meat because we’d filled up on kale  and asparagus. We set aside the leftovers and we heated them over for breakfast. 

Between healthier meals and more bike riding I have lost about a pound and a half over the last week. Woo-woo!






6 thoughts on “Grill your kale!

  1. I went to school with Kale…Mike Kale that is. Wonder whatever happened to him. He certainly was no leafy green! Speaking of that, what leafy green grows best around here?

    And did you see this? The Abominablecare penalty goes up to $695 per adult and $347.50 per child or 2.5% of all your income whichever is more in 2016. And it looks like premiums will go way up from here on out.

    The Amerikan Sheeple wanted Obammiecare and they are getting it good and hard. This is what they get for electing Obummer twice.

    • Isn’t that sick – people can’t afford their $800/month+ insurance premiums so hit them with a $695 penalty.

      I must say, Obummbercare has improved my health – I’m afraid to get sick!

      • Yup, it’s a real pig in a poke. You’d think the sheeple would eventually learn but that never happens. Abominablecare will fail and then the sheeple will demand single payer for all which is what was intended all along. The worse government makes things the more the sheeple demand government have even more power to “fix” whatever it is government screwed up in the first place. They just never learn.

        In Latest Obamacare Fiasco, Most Low-Income Workers Can’t Afford “Affordable Care Act”

      • This is happening at public agencies like CARD. For example, most of CARD’s positions start at minimum wage, are only part-time, and therefore ineligible for benefits. A couple of years ago the board voted unanimously at Staff’s suggestion to cut the part time positions to 28 hours or less in response to Obama’s ruling that 30 hour employees get Obamacare. I sat at that meeting and wondered how these board assholes sleep at night.

        The part time employees are the ones who supervise the programs, are responsible for young children, watch the swimming pools, and do most of the hands-on clean-up and maintenance. There are a couple of supervisor positions that actually require some work, but mostly just driving from site to site, overseeing the real workers. Most of CARD’s full time management employees sit at the air-conditioned office all day.

        Here’s a funny old post about that:

    • Good question, thanks for asking. There are a lot of agencies like CARD – you should check out the salaries at the mosquito district, many of those positions are also part time. I wasn’t at those meetings, but I imagine they had the same conversation that I heard at CARD. Not one remark about how these employees would survive on these poverty wages.

      One day my husband and I were walking our dogs at 5 Mile, and we encountered one of the maintenance employees – he was at least 50 years old. It’s not like they’re hiring high school kids or even college age people in these underpaid positions, they’re hiring adults who have real bills and expecting them to live on like $20 – 30,000 a year, living in the same town with the CARD director who makes $124,000/year.

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