Happy March

Happy Bunny Day

Happy Bunny Day

March is my favorite month, it’s just chock full of excitement.

I had my birthday the other day – isn’t it great to be special for one day a year? I like to make myself a different cake every year – this year it was lemon custard on a graham cracker crust. It needed something, not quite sure what – my husband picked me up a box of Peeps! There was just the touch I was looking for.

Peeps! are one of the best things on Earth, the harbingers of Spring. I wish they had Peeps! for every holiday, can’t you just imagine – Halloween Peeps! Christmas Peeps! Valentine Peeps! Peeeeeeep!

Easter is a portable holiday, depending on the moon and stars, or something like that, jumping back and forth between the end of March and sometime in April. I don’t know the rules, but this year we got it in March. Which is great,  but leaves a long dry spell without a candy holiday, stow up.  I would make my move on Shuberts within the next week, if I were me.

Spring will begin officially in three days, but that’s just a formality. That last storm wasn’t really a Winter storm, it was a wet, wild, raging Spring storm. Although, I would not trust Jack Frost, he may attempt a comeback in April. 

Today we wear the green, because…why? 


oooo, Shamrock Peeps!


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