Spring is knocking at our door, and she’s bringing lots more rain, thankyouverymuch!

I like to watch the colors of the landscape change under the rising sun.

I like to watch the colors change under the rising sun.

Yesterday morning, taking the dogs out for a walk, I noticed the sun had laid a halo over the landscape.

Even that big, dead evergreen looks pretty in the morning light.

Even that big, dead evergreen looks pretty in the morning light.

I know, it’s a cliche – but worth repeating – every morning is a new start, exciting, full of possibilities. Especially a bright sunny morning after a series of whopping storms. Whoppers! Whop Whop!

Spring is riding in on these storms, she’s having a hooting good time. She smells good too.  Can you hear the grass growing? My husband is already set in his mowing schedule, this determination to beat the weeds. I did some weeding yesterday – I could hear them snickering at me.

Wait til I get out my torch, Suckas!  I love my propane torch but I’ve been waiting for things to dry out a little before I rev it up, wet weeds waste the precious fuel. Some weeds pull better anyway, but those low ones, the back breakers – buuuuuurrrrrrn ’em!

We been eating store bread since Biscuit got sick, it’s hard to get into a mound of dough when you are constantly dealing with dogs, feeding, cleaning up, etc. For a while all I did was manage dog hair, I don’t know how people live with their dogs in the house all the time. These two are ranch dogs, although they are very housebroken, they  can’t help but shed constantly and spray the kitchen floor with food and water three times a day. Now that she’s getting so much better, I hate to say how happy I am to have them outside most of the time again. I can get back to my regular routine. My sourdough starter usually gets fed about twice a week, I haven’t used it now for almost a month, it gets sad and lonely in there.

I make two kinds of bread – the sourdough, which is fun, cause the starter is almost like a pet. It’s fun to think – it’s the same bread, over and over, an old friend. I use dark wheat berries for sourdough – I use the flour I make from the dark wheat to feed the starter, and then I use store bought bread flour to make the bread.  Turns out chewy and tough, with that sweet/sour taste.

The other I make with light wheat berries, which are softer and good for a lot of different things. I soak the ground wheat overnight – on America’s Test Kitchen, they said hard ground wheat kernels can actually pop the little air bubbles you need  to make your bread fluffy. I know that sounds kind of weird, but it turned out to be true – when I soak the ground wheat in  the same amount of warm water overnight, I get a fluffier load, it’s true. With the sourdough I achieve same by using the ground wheat in the starter, where it is moistened and softened before I start the dough.

It sounds like fuss, but when you get your habits down, it disappears into the routine.

With the light bread I like to make two “baguettes.” When I roll the first one into a loaf, I spread out some strips of string mozzarella cheese, about an entire stick.  I seal the ends good so it doesn’t leak out, and it makes a really nice, light cheesy center. When I roll the other, I spread a filling made of a teaspoon of butter, a tablespoon of sugar, and a teaspoon of cinnamon. That’s pretty conservative, you can add more, but be careful with the butter, it leaks out.

Today I’m going with the sourdough, and I’ll make a round, cause it’s pretty. My husband is always anxious cutting a round, he prefers the convenience of a loaf, but I think the round turns out a little fluffier.

It’s nice to think about stuff like making bread after the past month I’ve had. It’s like taking my brain to a day spa.

Having sat in the fridge untended for weeks, Sourdough Bob is ready to roll out another one.

Having sat in the fridge untended for weeks, Sourdough Bob is bubbly with anticipation.

La Primavera esta a vuelta a la esquina.


Sourdough Bob rides again.


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