Had a sick dog in my 650 square foot apartment for two weeks – time for Fruhlingputz!

What a weekend. Today we see the vet, see if we been doing a good job with Biscuit. Worry, worry, worry.

But it’s time to get back to Real Life, the first order of business being – clean the sick dog smell out of the apartment!

Yes, there was vomiting, yours, mine and ours. At one point Badges even yakked up his dinner, I think he was just so excited about having his girlfriend home again. I have gone through rolls of paper towels and a stack of old cut-up t-shirts and socks that I save for rags. We’d remove the puke, then cover the area very heavily with baking soda. Thank goodness I just bought one of those big boxes of Arm and Hammer, I use that stuff for everything.

I even wash my face with it on occasion, it feels so smooth.  Also makes a good occasional tooth polish – I just wet my finger and dip it in soda, rub each tooth all over like I’m polishing the chrome on my dad’s El Camino  – leaves your mouth tasting really fresh too.

We let the baking soda sit under a rag overnight, then vacuum it up with the shop vac. Usually does the trick, but sometimes we wait until Biscuit is outside for some fresh air, and we hit it with a can of carpet cleaner foam. I don’t like the smell, but it does seem to do the trick. 

I’ll never forget the time my husband did a job for Phil LaRocca, and Mr. LaRocca gifted us a bottle of his special port wine. He suggested we have a glass before bed, like his mom did every night. Damn it was so good – but short lived – the second night we spilled almost the whole bottle on our bedroom rug! Great! Party’s over, get the baking soda. Some kind of miracle – we had to apply the baking soda a few times, but you go in there now and find that giant stain. It ain’t there – even Norm, our carpet specialist, could not find it, and he put his nose right down to the rug. 

Of course, I married a carpet layer – if a stain is that bad, he cuts it out and replaces it from the piece he saved when we installed the rug. When Biscuit was a puppy, we lived in our big house, with a huge master bedroom rug. Of course she pee’d on it, first thing she came in the house. My husband had his knife in seconds and cut that rug out before the pee had soaked through. Within an hour the patch was in and you couldn’t find it with a spot light.

Vinegar is also nice,  for your vinyl floors.  Those floors just get dirty when you have your pets inside, even if they don’t have accidents. If they’re sick, it’s good to keep things clean to avoid getting hip-deep in germs. A bucket of water and vinegar makes a good  floor and wall wash, kills the hell out of germs, and neutralizes odors. 

We don’t keep our dogs inside all the time, just during illness or severe weather. They usually stay in the vinyl entryway – I won’t lie, you  can’t get all the pet smell out of a vinyl floor that is constantly used by dogs.  Vinyl is porous, it will take on odors, and it’s just plain hard to get them all out. We’ve used enzyme cleaners for bad messes, and I wash the floor regularly with dish soap and vinegar and water, but even I can smell  the faintest odor of “pet” when I walk in after the house has been shut up for a while.  

We had a tenant in this apartment who had an unauthorized cat. Because the cat was not allowed, he hid it all the time in the apartment. When our oldest son moved out and we wanted to downsize into this apartment, we gave our tenant notice, not realizing about the cat.   When we came to inspect the apartment for his move-out, the smell just about knocked us over. My face won’t lie – I had to turn around and walk back outside. We had to air the apartment, no kidding, for two weeks, before I could get in here for more than a quick walk-thru without gagging. 

We asked Norm to come over and see if he could save the carpets. He stopped outside the apartment door and said, “Nooooo…” Cat stuff is almost impossible he said, some carpet technicians don’t even want it in their machines. My  husband had to replace the entire front room and (ugggghhh!) the stairs. We argued over putting carpet back on the stairs, but my husband believes it’s the safest option for stairs, so there it is. It’s the most practical stuff out there, that fake Berber stuff, dirt brown. 

After five years,  even after the last couple of weeks we’ve had, it still looks great. 

I don’t know how this place smells right now – love your dog and all that. I will have to wait for my son and his girlfriend to come over and watch their faces as they walk in the door.



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