Death knocks at Juanita’s door, and her dog bites him

My patient - it is thrilling to see her sit up for a drink of water.

My patient – it is thrilling to see her sit up for a drink of water.  In her weakest moments she is like forged iron.

The first night home having Biscuit home from the vet was frightening, but here we are. She’s so weak, she still staggers out to take a pee, but she’s eating solid food and drinking small amounts of water without barfing – WOW!

And if you mess with her, you will get nipped!

The scary part was giving her a shot of insulin last night – although she didn’t even wince – and then having to just watch and see. The doses aren’t calculated perfect yet, they will have to be adjusted as she recovers. We have to take her back on Monday so they can check her glucose. I don’t know how long that will go on. 

But, I’ll talk money – All  About Pets seems to be, well, all about pets. A nice crew of young women stayed with my dog all night long for two nights. She got kissy attention all day for two days, love lovey pat-pat Good Girl!  When I went in the morning to visit her, the night shift had red-rimmed eyes, but still perked up to walk me back to her cage.  I  think that’s worth a few bucks. We keep a little savings account for our pets’ needs, and they’ve been healthy so long we have not had to spend it. The $1,000 we took out to pay for Biscuit’s convalescence was worth every penny. I don’t mind  supporting a good  veterinary practice – in this dog- and cat-happy town, we need good vets. We need more good jobs for young people.

I know we’re not out of the woods. I get the feeling, Frankly, we’re in the woods for good. Two old  ladies, out stroooooolling in the woods! We’re tough old ladies – Death, you will not get us without a really good ass kicking!

I owe Death a good whalloping, he has taken a lot of my relatives and friends. Come on Death, throw it down! You think you’ll come for my dog, and walk out of here without a fight?  I’ll mop the floor with your shiny ass!



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